While the revelations/prophesies to Moses and the Hebrew Prophets were invariably made BEFORE the events took place, those of Muhammad were invariably 'revealed' AFTER the events had taken place.

       While Moses performed miracles in plain view of hundreds of thousands of people, Muhammad had not one single witness to any of his alleged 'revelations' and encounter with the angel Gabriel.

       While Moses spoke directly to God, Muhammad had his alleged messages 'revealed' to him second hand by presumably the angel Gabriel.

Revelations, according to Muhammadan scholars occur in three forms:

1        Wahi/Inspiration such as happened to most of the Hebrew prophets, is direct and without intermediaries but also without 'verbal' communication.

2        Behind a Veil as happened between God and Moses 'from behind a burning bush'.

3        Through a Messenger as with all the angels, most of the prohets and especially Muhammad & Gabriel.

42: 51  It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration of from behind a veil or by the sending of a Messenger to reveal with Allah's permission what Allah wills: for He is Most High Most Wise.   
       The implication is that Allah does not communicate with his slaves/creation directly which of course is contrary to the stories in the Bible between the God of Israel and His chosen leaders such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses.

       Muhammad's concept of the relationship between Allah and his creation is exactly the same as that between a Master and his Slave which is based entirely on FEAR and OPPRESSION.

       This is the exact opposite to the Judeo-Christian one which is based upon LOVE of God and JUSTICE to Mankind.

       It is alleged by Muhammadan 'tradition', that Muhammad had about FORTY scribes 
- in different places and times - writing down his revelations.

       It is also alleged, that after his death, it was decided to collect all his sayings that were written on chalk, bones, palm bark, memories of men etc before all the 'memorisers' would have been killed in the internecine wars that followed.

       But, if the scribes - who presumably were waiting for his 'revelations' at his beck and call over a period of almost 23 years - were truly writing everything down, why then worry about the extinction of the memorisers?

       Did the memorisers have different verses in their brain to those that were allegedly written down?

       If so, then it is obvious that the Quran that we have at hand is