Sirat Rasul Allah/ Biography of Muhammad:-               

       The most comprehensive biography of Muhammad was written decades after his death by Muhammad Ibn Ishaq (d.767). It is a fact that there exist no documents describing Muhammad and his formative years contemporaneous with him. All the 'relevant details' are written with the benefit of hindsight and with the purpose of creating an image of a man of almost mythic and superhuman qualities: sinless (Isma); divinely inspired; faultless; fearless; political genius etc.

       His life had to be made perfect to reflect the miracle of the Quranic 'revelations'. It became the compulsory (Sunna) for all Muhammadans; a way of daily life to be emulated by them in every detail since it was the copy of the perfect man, Muhammad.

       This doctrine has fixed the mentality and traditions of the Muhammadans in a Time Warp stuck in the seventh century.       

       Ibn Ishaq was the first and nearest in time to the stories about Muhammad since he wrote the biography about 145 years after his death; unlike many later authors of Muhammad's alleged sayings and doings gleaned from the eighth or tenth  mouths of reporters, almost 200 to 300 years after his death.

        Several fanatical Muhammadan exegetes condemned Ibn Ishaq for having written reports gleaned from first or second generation descendants of converted Jews and Christians. They did so also because his general portrayal of Muhammad is not very complimentary especially since they were deliberately painting a totally falsified picture of Muhammad as the PERFECT MAN.

       They were also, at the same time,  perpetuating the falsehood that the Jews and Christians of Arabia were foreign nationals when in fact they were ABORIGINAL and INDIGENOUS ARABIANS who had converted to the monotheistic religions without force or coercion, unlike those who were forced or terrorised into following the CULT of Muhammad.

       This hatred of the People of the Book is institutionalised in the Quran in numerous unforgiving and unambiguous verses.

       Ibn Ishaq's reports are as objective as any one of his times could have been and the proof resides in the fact that he mentions numerous and enlightening stories about Jews and Christians that are UNBIASED and show them in a singularly benevolent manner contradicting their distorted and hatemongering portrayals in the Quran and by the later Muhammadan scholars and the Hadiths.
(Ibn Ishaq, Pages: 10 - 16, for example).