Status of  Women in Jahiliyah:-                        

       Most of the 'knowledge' that we have about the status of women in the Jahiliyah (Ignorance) period comes from the totally biased 'Islamic' sources which tend to portray that period in the most abominable and unfavourable way possible.

       Fortunately, by studying and researching pre Islamic poetry and the Ahadith, and despite their polemic, a truer picture emerges which is infinitely more favourable and true, proving without a doubt, that pre Islamic women fared exceedingly better than the depraved rules and regulations enforced upon the female followers of Muhammad under Shari'a laws.

       It is true that the pagan Arabs used to kill female children but invariably during periods of extreme duress such as periods of famine, hunger and scarcity of food, since females become a burden on the resources of the tribe while the males can help defend and acquire food.

       Muhammad stopped this, not because he was being merciful, but because he allowed his followers to attack and plunder the wealth of all the other tribes.

       Khadijah was an excellent example of how liberated  the women of Arabia were before Muhammadan Islam:

1        Neither she nor any other women were forced to wear a Hijab just in case they may cause a male Arab to lust for them.

2        She was twice married and it was she who proposed to the 15 years younger Muhammad, a situation that is unthinkable among the Muhammadans of today who look for as young a virgin female as possible down to nine years of age or less.

3        She was an independent merchant woman who did not need the approval of a male partner or relative to do her business.

4        It was she who became the backbone of the scared Muhammad who thought he was processed by the Jinn and it was Khadijah who disabused him of this and made him believe that he was special.

5        There were numerous female poets among the Jahiliyah Arabs, more than during the entirety of Muhammadan Islam of 1400 years.

6        There were such formidable poetesses that Muhammad had to have at least two of them murdered because they satirised him.

7        They were able to circumambulate the Ka'ba naked if they so wished.

8        They accompanied, supported and exhorted their men folk in battle with poetry and song.

9        They were able to inherit all the wealth of their spouses without having to defer to the males of the family as was the case with Khadijah, unlike under Shari'a.

10        The poetry of the men of the Jahiliyah addressed their love for women as well as for their own bravery and sense of honour.

11        Women of the Jahliyah could marry whom they wanted - like what happened with Khadijah - without anyone arranging and forcing them to do so as is the case in Muhammadan Islam.

12        They were able to adorn and beautify themselves without fear of molestation since this would have caused wars of honour which the Jahiliyah Arabs were loath to start.

13        They were able to travel in carvans without the need to take permission from others as is required in Muhammadan Islam.

14        Some were lucky enough to get educated unlike under Muhammadan Islam which wants women to be just like domesticated animals.

15        There were no cases of punishing adulterers, unlike those under Shari'a law which condemns the female - even when she had been RAPED -- to being STONED to DEATH.

16        They were allowed to sing, dance and drink wine if and when so they wished unlike their prohibition under Shari'a law.

       *** It is Muhammad and his followers, the VICTORS, who inform us of the alleged DEPRAVITY of the Jahiliyah Arabs.

        Thus, we only have the utterly UNRELIABLE 'traditions' of Muhammadan Islam 'asserting' these unsubstantiated accusations.

       Unfortunately for the followers of Muhammad, the Ahadith themselves, when STUDIED carefully and properly, PROVE otherwise.

       In fact they show, that under Muhammadan Islam, all manners of EVIL and INJUSTICE have been and are being perpetrated against the WOMEN of Islam and ALL those who do not believe in Muhammad as the prophet of
Allah ***