This word has two important meanings. The first means Unification of the Arabian tribes under the banner of 'Islam' by the first Khalifa, abu Baker, by military force with the choice of conversion to 'Islam' or death.

       These missions were achieved mainly by Khalid ibn al Walid whose title was
'Saif'ul Allah', the 'Sword of Allah', because of the huge number of 'unbelievers' that he murdered.

       Both Muhammad and his followers, conveniently and contemptuously disregarded Allah's injunction/ command/ order NOT to use force to convert people because allegedly, the message of the Quran is so sublime, that force is not deemed necessary.

2:256 "Let there be no compulsion in religion.  Truth stands out clear from error; whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks.  And Allah heareth and knoweth all things"

       In retrospect, it is obvious that the message was neither sublime nor convincing enough to allow people to convert WITHOUT the use of force.

       The second meaning of Tawheed is the confession of the unity of Allah-

"La Ilah Illa Allah" meaning "There is no God except Allah"

which is copied from the tradition of the Jews regarding the God of Israel, in their-

Shema' : " Shema' Yisrael! Adonaii Elohenou, Adonaii Ehhad"

meaning " Hear O Israel! The Lord God, is One God!

       For at least TWO Thousand years before Muhammad and his Quran, the Shema', in six words, has been, and forever will be, the battlecry of the Israelites and the Jews.

       *** Muhammad's belief in the one and only Allah, was neither his invention, his creation, nor his concept; on the contrary, it was the concept of Monotheism that inspired Muhammad to create a scripture (Quran) similar to that of the Jews for his pagan Arabians.

        It was thanks to the Jews of Arabia, who had carried forward this unique concept for almost 2000 years before Muhammad, that he was able to create his Quran in emulation of their Torah, as a scripture for the pagan Arabs ***