Temptation of Muhammad/ Satanic Verses:-                

       Muhammadan Islam, basing its Monotheism on that of the Israelites and their Torah, strongly opposes idolatry, polytheism, associating anything or anyone with God.

       It contrasts sharply with the contention of Muhammad's Arab contemporaries that Allah had associates. Some of these associates are mentioned in the Quran, among them three female deities: al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat who were, according to the religious beliefs of the pagan Arabs, the daughters of Allah, the supreme deity of the Ka'ba. Each had a shrine in separate places not far from Mecca in Arabia, where Muhammad was born and began his mission.

       Although the Quran, in its present form, obviously rejects these deities, 'Muslim' history asserts otherwise.

       One of the most embarrassing events in Muhammad's life occurred when Satan allegedly put his words in Muhammad's unsuspecting  mouth.

        Muhammad spoke Satan's words as the words of Allah. This event is documented by several early Muhammadan scholars and referenced in the Hadith and Quran.

        Later Muhammadans, ashamed that their self declared prophet spoke Satan's words, denied the event occurred. A myriad of excuses and denials have been put forth by these later Muhammadans to cover up Muhammad's sinful error.

       It must be pointed out that the "Satanic Verses" event is not something made up by non-Muslims.

       The event is recorded by the earliest Islamic sources available on Muhammad's life. No one should think that it is a story made up by people who are critical of 'Islam'. It is an episode directly found in the early Muhammadan records.
       This subject is one of the most controversial in Muhammadan Islam.

       Satan - Muhammadan Islam's convenient and eternal FALL-GUY - allegedly caused Muhammad to recite his words as if they were Allah's words.

Historical Background-

       The background to this event is that Muhammad and his followers were allegedly being persecuted for attacking and insulting the pagan faiths of Mecca's Quraysh tribe; the guardians of the Sanctuary. His followers were few, his movement grew painfully slowly and he, too, felt the pain of estrangement from his tribe. He did not want to further offend the members of his clan, as he wanted them to become his followers, i.e. Muhammadan Muslims.

       In desperation, and in a moment of weakness, he was willing to compromise his Monotheism by conceding to allow the daughters of Allah to remain as intercessors in his 'Islam'; that is, he was willing to allow three other associates with Allah.

       Of course, from his point of view, in that moment of utter desperation, it would have been a great victory since he would have, at a stroke, eliminated 360 other rock gods from the pantheon of pagan Arabia.

       None the less, from the point of view of pure Monotheism, he was actually allowing other gods to be equal to Allah;  he advocated the worship of pagan deities as intercessors with Allah making this ISHRAK/ Association, which is completely prohibited in the Torah as follows:

Deuteronomy 13:1 - 5:
"If prophets or those who divine by dreams appear among you and promise you omens or portents, and the omens or the portents declared by them take place, and they say, "Let us follow other gods" (whom you have not known) "and let us serve them," you must not heed the words of those prophets or those who divine by dreams; for the Lord your God is testing you, to know whether you indeed love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. ... But those prophets or those who divine by dreams shall be put to death for having spoken treason against the Lord you God ... So you shall purge the evil from your midst."

       Those prophets who mislead the people into idolatry have to be put to death.

       The reader should be made aware that in the whole of the Hebrew Bible, there was NEVER a case of a Hebrew Prophet who uttered any words put in his mouth by Satan.

        These prophets loved their people and they persisted in speaking the truth to them against overwhelming odds, without ever compromising the word of God to gain peace and converts as Muhammad did.

Bring Forth the Proof-

       Muhammadans always use the mantra  "bring forth the proof". Well, the proof is as follows:        
       This event is actually documented by the four early biographical writers of Muhammad's life: Ibn Ishaq, Wakidi, Ibn Sa'd, and Tabari. The Hadith and Quran also contain direct references. Additionally several other Islamic scholars on Hadith (traditions) support the event's occurrence.

One Islamic book on Muhammad's life "Sirat Un Nabi", page 214, by Allama Shibli Nu'mani, translated by M. Tayyib Bakhsh Budayuni, Volume 1, published by Kazi Publications, Lahore Pakistan,
provides the following list:

       "... many of the traditionalists have recorded it with reference to the chains of its narrators. Among them more commonly known are:
al-Tabari, Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn al-Mundhir, Ibn Mardauyah, Ibn Ishaq, Musa ibn 'Uqba, and Abu Ma'shar.
It is all the more strange that Ibn Hajar, a recognized authority on traditions insists on the truth of this report and says,
"As we have mentioned above, three of its chains of narrators satisfy the conditions requisite for an authentic report."
       Four of the early Islamic biographical sources for this story are in English.

1)  Tabari's "History", published by SUNY, and translated by Watt

2)  the "Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir", (The Book of the Major Classes), translated by S. Moinul Haq

3)  the "Sirat Rasulallah" (The Life of Allah's Prophet) by Ibn Ishaq, translated by A. Guillaume ,

4)  Wakidi's biographical material on Muhammad also includes the story of Muhammad speaking Satan's words. I have not been able to find Wakidi's entire work in English but Wakidi's work is quoted by W. Muir in "The Life of Mahomet"

5)  A sub source from #3 above is found in "New Light on the Life of Muhammad", by A.. Guillaume. This source is from a manuscript (Qarawiyun Library; Fez, Morocco) containing information from other sources as well as Ibn Ishaq. The writer of the manuscript, Yunus ibn Bukayr, heard Ibn Ishaq's lectures at Kufa (located in modern Iraq), and made notes.

6)  Additional supporting evidence will be provided from the Sahih Hadith of Bukhari .

7)  Finally, verses from the Quran will be provided as concurring evidence that Muhammad spoke the Quranic verses


The messenger of Allah was eager for the welfare of his people and wished to effect a reconciliation with them in whatever ways he could. It is said that he wanted to find a way to do this, and what happened was a follows. (This section is also omitted by Ibn Hisham, perhaps because he felt it was discreditable to Muhammad).

Ibn Humayd - Salamah-Muhammad b. Ishaq - Yazid b. Ziyad al-Madani - Muhammad b. Ka'b al-Qurazi: When the messenger of Allah saw how his tribe turned their backs on him and was grieved to see them shunning the message he had brought to them from Allah, he longed in his soul that something would come to him from Allah which would reconcile him with his tribe. With his love for his tribe and his eagerness for their welfare it would have delighted him if some of the difficulties which they made for him could have been smoothed out, and he debated with himself and fervently desired such an outcome. Then Allah revealed:

53:19 "By the Star when it sets, your comrade does not err, nor is he deceived; nor does he speak out of (his own) desire..."

and when he came to the words:

53:20 Have you thought upon al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other?

Satan allegedly cast on his tongue, because of his inner debates and what he desired to bring to his people, the words:

53:21 "These are the high flying cranes;

53:22 verily their intercession is accepted with approval. (An alternative reading to turtada is turtaja, meaning, "is to be desired or hoped for")

When Quraysh heard this, they rejoiced and were happy and delighted at the way in which he spoke of their gods, and they listened to him, while the Muslims, having complete trust in their prophet in respect of the messages which he brought from Allah, did not suspect him of error, illusion, or mistake. When he came to the prostration, having completed the surah, he prostrated himself and the Muslims did likewise, following their prophet, trusting in the message which he had brought and following his example. Those polytheists of the Quraysh and others who were in the mosque likewise prostrated themselves because of the reference to their gods which they had heard, so that there was no one in the mosque, believer or unbeliever, who did not prostrate himself. The one exception was al-Walid b. Al-Mughirah, who was a very old man and could not prostrate himself; but he took a handful of soil from the valley in his hand and bowed over that. Then they all dispersed from the mosque. The Quraysh left delighted by the mention of their gods which they had heard, saying, "Muhammad has mentioned our gods in the most favorable way possible, stating in his recitation that they are the high flying cranes and that their intercession is received with approval."

       *** The sacred area around the Ka'ba was not, of course, an 'Islamic' mosque at this period, though the word masjid, 'place of prostration, mosque' is applied to it in the daus of paganism, because in reality thast is exactly what they used to do long before Muhammad and his version of Islam***

       The news of the prostration reached those of the messenger of Allah's companions who were in Abyssinia and people said, "The Quraysh have accepted Islam." Some rose up to return, while others remained behind. Then Gabriel came to the Messenger of Allah and said, "Muhammad, what have you done? You have recited to the people that which I did not bring to you from Allah, and you have said that which was not said to you." Then the messenger of Allah was much grieved and feared Allah greatly, but Allah sent down a revelation to him, for He was merciful to him, consoling him and making the matter light for him, informing him that there had never been a prophet or a messenger before him who desired as he desired and wished as he wished but that Satan had cast words into his recitation, as he had cast words on Muhammad's tongue. Then Allah cancelled what Satan had thus cast, and established his verses by telling him that he was like other prophets and messengers, and revealed:

53:19 Have ye thought upon al-Lat and al-Uzza

53:20 And Manat, the third, the other? (53:19,20)

Then, originally, the verses (known today as the satanic verses) followed:

53:21 These are the exalted cranes (intermediaries) [Gharaniq]

53:22 Whose intercession is to be hoped for.

       The cranes whose intercession was recognized were, of course, the three deities. The same accounts tell us that after this revelation was completed, Muhammad, his followers and the pagan Arabs all prostrated. Tensions eased, reconciliation was at hand, and all were delighted.

       But Muhammad soon retracted the reconciliation—how soon is not clear. For the account continues that Gabriel, the angel of revelation, informed Muhammad that Satan had used Muhammad's desire for reconciliation with the pagan leaders to insert into the revelation of Allah the verses about the interceding cranes, otherwise called the" Satanic Verses". The verses which follow, ABROGATED / OVERTURNED  the satanic verses, serve as the current reading of the Quran.

       Thus Allah removed the sorrow from his messenger, reassured him about that which he had feared and cancelled the words which Satan had cast on his tongue, that their gods were the high flying cranes whose intercession was accepted with approval. He now revealed, following the mention of "al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other," the words:

53:21 Are yours the males and His the females?

53:22 That indeed were an unfair division!

       In other words: When you Arabs have sons (whom you prefer to daughters!), how unfair of you to say that Allah has  only daughters! The idea of a plurality of gods or goddesses or sons or daughters of Allah is ridiculous. Allah alone is Allah. The three goddesses are false.

       Two other passages from the Quran are considered to have reference to the compromise between Muhammad and the pagan Arabs, and Muhammad's eventual rejection of it. The first reads:

17:73        And they indeed strove to beguile thee (Muhammad) away from that wherewith We (Allah) have inspired thee, that thou shouldst invent other than it against Us; and then would they have accepted thee as a friend.

   74 And if We had not made thee wholly firm thou mightest almost have inclined unto them a little. 75 Then had We made thee taste a double (punishment) of living and a double (punishment) of dying, then hadst thou found no helper against Us.

        Moreover, it would seem that Muslims of earlier generations were content to accept that satanic verses could somehow be insinuated into a prophet's message from Allah, even into the Quran, that Allah could abolish the satanic verses, and that, as the following passage suggests, Allah could replace even a verse of his own revelation with a similar or better verse of His own:

2:106 Such of Our revelations as We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring (in place) one better or the like thereof. Knowest thou not that Allah is Able to do all things? (cf. 16:101)

       *** Why would Allah, if he is the same as the God of Israel, not know BEFOREHAND what the weaknesses or strengths are of his 'slaves' that he he would need to 'change his mind' repeatedly to accomodate their different circumstances?

       The God of Israel did not do that, so why Allah?

       Why, for example did not Allah know that ONE BELIEVER could not possibly fight TEN UNBELIEVERS that he had to change this rule after Muhammad was objected to by his followers of this onerous and impractical odds so that Allah had to reduce the odds to the more realistic ONE to TWO?

       One can possibly understand changing one rule for a BETTER one but what is the sense of changing one for the SAME or SIMILAR one?***

22:52 Never sent We a messenger or a prophet before thee but when He recited (the message) Satan proposed (opposition) in respect of that which he recited thereof. But Allah abolisheth that which Satan proposeth. Then Allah establisheth His revelations. Allah is Knower, Wise; 53 That He may make that which the devil proposeth a temptation for those in whose hearts is a disease, and those whose hearts are hardened –Lo! the evil-doers are in open schism.

       *** In fact Allah is NOT telling the TRUTH since he never sent ANY HEBREW prophet who recited FALSE SATANIC VERSES to the Israelites or the Jews ***

       When Muhammad brought a revelation from Allah canceling what Satan had cast on the tongue of His prophet, the Quraysh said,"Muhammad has repented of what he said concerning the position of your gods withAllah, and has altered it and brought something else." Those two phrases which Satan had cast on the tongue of the Messenger ofAllah were in the mouth of every polytheists, and they became even more ill-disposed and more violent in their persecution of those of them who had accepted Islam and followed the messenger of Allah.

       Those of the companions of the messenger of Allahwho had left Abyssinia upon hearing that Quraysh had accepted Islam by prostration themselves with the messenger of Allah now approached.When they were near Mecca, they heard that the report that the people of Mecca had accepted Islam was false. Not one of them entered Mecca without obtaining protection or entering secretly. Among those who came to Mecca and remained there until they emigrated to al-Madinah and were present with the prophet at Badr, were, from the Banu Abd Shams b. Abd Manaf b. Quasyy, Uthman b. Afafan b. Abi al-As b. Umayyah, accompanied by his wife Ruaqyyah the daughter of the messenger of Allah; Abu Hudhayfah b. Utbah b. Rabiah b. Abd Shames, accompanied by his wife Sahlah bt. Suhalyl; together with a number of others numbering thirty three men.

Al-Qasim b. Al-Hasan - al Husayn b. Daud - Hajja - Abu Mashar - Muhammad b. Kab al-Qurazi and Muhammad b. Qays:
The messenger of Allah was sitting in a large gathering of Quraysh, wishing that day that no revelation would come to him from Allah which could cause them to turn away from him. Then Allah revealed:

"By the Star when it sets, your comrade does not err, nor is he deceived..."

and the Messenger ofAllahrecited it until he came to:

"Have you thought upon al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other?"

when Satan cast on his tongue two phrases:

53: 21-22 "These are the high flying cranes; verily their intercession is to be desired. 

He uttered them and went on to complete the surah. When he prostrated himself at the end of the surah, the whole company prostrated themselves with him. Al-Walid b. al-Mughirah raised some dust to his forehead and bowed over that, since he was a very old man and could not prostrate himself. They were satisfied with what Muhammad had uttered and said, "We recognize that it is Allahwho gives life and death, who creates and who provides sustenance, but if these gods of ours intercede for us with him, and if you give them a share, we are with you."

       *** It is very important to point out here and now, that Muhammad was prostrating himself and praying in a purely PAGAN MOSQUE since he was surrounded by the rock gods of the Quraysh.

       He should not have done so at all as an alleged MONOTHEIST. This only shows that he was always willing to compromise his beliefs until such time as he could overcome or destroy all those who did not believe as he did, as in fact he eventually achieved ***

That evening Gabriel came to him and reviewed the surah with him, and when he reached the two phrases which Satan had cast upon his tongue he said, "I did not bring you these two." Then the messenger of Allah said, "I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to him words which He has not spoken." Then Allah revealed to him:

"And they indeed strove hard to beguile you away from what we have revealed to you, that you should invent other than it against us...

to the words:

7:73-75 "and then you would have found no helper against us"

He remained grief stricken and anxious until the revelation of the verse:

22:52 "Never did we send a messenger or a prophet before you... to the words...God is knower, wise.

When those who had emigrated to Abyssinia heard that all the people of Mecca had accepted Islam, they returned to their clans, saying,"They are more dear to us"; but they found that the people had reversed their decision when Allah cancelled what Satan had cast upon the messenger of Allah's tongue.


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2)  Ibn Sa'd's "Kitab al Tabaqat al Kabir", Volume 1, parts 1 and 2, pages 236 - 239, translated by S. Moinul Haq, published by the Pakistan Historical Society.

Account of the causes of the return of the companions of the prophet from Abyssinia:

Muhammad Ibn Umar informed us; he said: Yunus Ibn Muhammad Ibn Fudalah al-Azfari related to me on the authority of his father (second chain) he (Ibn Sa'd) said: Kthir Ibn Zayd related to me on the authority of al-Muttalib Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Hantab; they said: "the apostle of Allah had seen his people departing from him. He was one day sitting alone when he expressed a desire: "I wish, Allah had not revealed to me anything distasteful to them."
Then the apostle of Allah, approached them (Quraysh) and got close to them, and they also came near to him. One day he was sitting in their assembly near the Ka'bah, and he recited: "By the Star when it sets", (53:1) till he reached, "Have ye thought upon Al-Uzza and Manat, the third, the other". ( 53:19-20) Satan made him repeat these two phrases: "These idols are high and their intercession is expected". The apostle of Allah repeated them, and he went on reciting the whole surah and then fell in prostration, and the people also fell in prostration with him. Al-Walid Ibn al-Mughirah, who was an old man and could not prostrate, took a handful of dust to his forehead and prostrated on it. It is said: Abu Uhayhah Sa'id Ibn al-As, being an old man took dust and prostrated on it. Some people say: It was al-Walid who took the dust; others say: It was Abu Uhayhah; while other say: Both did it. They were pleased with what the apostle of Allah had uttered. They said: "We know that Allah gives life and causes death. He creates and gives us provisions, but our deities will intercede with Him, and in what you have assigned to them, we are with you." These words pricked the apostle of Allah.

He was sitting in his house and when it was evening, Gabriel came to him and revised the surah. Then Gabriel said: "Did I bring these two phrases?" The apostle of Allah said: "I ascribed to Allah, what He had not said."

Then Allah revealed to him: "And they indeed strove hard to beguile you (Muhammad) away from that which We have inspired you, that you should invent other than it against Us; and then would they have accepted you as a friend. And if We had not made you wholly firm you might almost have inclined to them a little, Then had We made you taste a double (punishment) of living and a double (punishment) of dying then had you found no helper against Us.""(17:73-75)

Muhammad Ibn Umar informed us; he said: Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah related to me on the authority of al-Zuhri, he on the authority of Abu Bakr Ibn Abd al-Rahman Ibn al-Harith Ibn Hisham; he said: "This prostration became know to people till the news reached Abyssinia and the Companions of the apostle of Allah that the people of Makkah fell in protraction and joined Islam including al-Walid. Ibn al-Mughirah and Abu Uhayhah who prostrated behind the prophet. The people said: "When such persons have joined Islam, who else remains in Makkah?" They said: "Our relatives are dear to us." So they returned. Where they were at a distance of one hour's walk from Makkah, they confronted some horsemen of Kinanah. They inquired about the Quraysh and their affairs. The horse men said: "Muhammad spoke well of their deities, so they followed him but then they turned apostate. He began to abuse their gods and they began to harm him. We left them in this struggle." They discussed that they should return to Abyssinia; but then they said: "We have reached here, so let us enter (the town), see the Quraysh and visit our families and then return.""

Muhammad Ibn Umar informed us; he said: Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah related to me on the authority of al-Zuhri, he on the authority of Abu Bakr Ibn Abd al Rahman; he said: "They entered Makkah and none entered it except under (some one's) protection; Ibn Masud stayed for a short time and returned to Abyssinia."

Muhammad Ibn Umar said: "They had left (Makkah) in the month of Rajab in the fifth year. There they remained in the months of Shaban and Ramadan. The incident of prostration took place in Ramadan, and they returned in Shawwal in the fifth year."


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1st return to Mecca - pages 238 - 239

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3) FROM IBN ISHAQ'S "SIRAT RASULALLAH", translated as, "THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD" by A. Guillaume, page 165 - 167.

"(Tabari). Now the apostle was anxious for the welfare of his people, wishing to attract them as far as he could. It has been mentioned that he longed for a way to attract them, and the method he adopted is what Ibn Hamid told me that Salama said M. B. Ishaq told him from Yazid b. Ziyad of Medina from M. B. Ka'b al-Qurazi: When the apostle saw what his people turned their backs on him and he was pained by their estrangement from what he brought them from Allah he longed that there should come to him from God a message that would reconcile his people to him. Because of his love for his people and his anxiety over them it would delight him if the obstacle that made his task so difficult could be removed; so that he meditated on the project and longed for it and it was dear to him. Then God sent down "by the star when it sets your comrade errs not and is not deceived, he speaks not from his own desire," and when he reached His words "Have you thought of al-Lat and al-Uzza and Manat the third, the other (53: 1-20), Satan, when he was mediating upon it, and desiring to bring it (sc. reconciliation) to his people, put upon his tongue "these are the exalted Gharaniq (1) whose intercession is approved. (2)" When Quraysh heard that, they were delighted and greatly pleased at the way in which he spoke of their gods.and they listened to him; while the believers were holding that what their prophet brought them from their Lord was true, not suspecting a mistake or a vain desire or a slip, and when he reached the prostration (3) and the end of the Sura in which he prostrated himself the Muslims prostrated themselves when their prophet prostrated confirming what he brought and obeying his command, and the polytheists of Quraysh and others who were in the mosque prostrated when they heard the mention of their gods, so that everyone in the mosque believer and unbeliever prostrated, except al-Walid b. Al-Mughira who was an old man who could not do so, so he took a handful of dirt from the valley and bent over it. Then the people dispersed and Quraysh went out, delighted at what had been said about their gods, saying, "Muhammad has spoken of our gods in splendid fashion. He alleged in what he read that they are the exalted Gharaniq whose intercession is approved."

The news reached the prophet's companions who were in Abyssinia, it being reported that Quraysh had accepted Islam, so some men started to return while others remained behind. Then Gabriel came to the apostle and said, "What have you done Muhammad? You have read to these people something I did not bring you from Allah and you have said what He did not say to you." The apostle was bitterly grieved and was greatly in fear of Allah. So Allah sent down (a revelation), for He was merciful to him, comforting him and making light of the affair and telling him that every prophet and apostle before him desired as he desired and wanted what he wanted and Satan interjected something into his desires as he had on his tongue. So Allahannulled what Satan had suggested and Allah established His verses i.e. you are just like the prophets and apostles. The Allah sent down: "We have not sent a prophet or apostle before you but when he longed Satan cast suggestions into his longing. But Allah will annul what Satan has suggested. Then Allah will establish his verses, Allah being knowing and wise. (4). Thus Allah relieved his prophet's grief, and made him feel safe from his fears and annulled what Satan had suggested in the words used above about their gods by his revelation. "Are yours the males and His the females? That were indeed an unfair division" (i.e. most unjust); "they are nothing but names which your fathers gave them" as far as the words "to whom he pleases and accepts" (53:19-27) i.e. how can the intercession of their gods avail with Him?

When the annulment of what Satan had put upon the prophet's tongue came from Allah, Quraysh said: "Muhammad has repented of what he said about the position of your gods with Allah, altered it and brought something else." Now those two words which Satan had put upon the apostle's tongue were in the mouth of every polytheist and they became more violently hostile to the Muslims and the apostle's followers. Meanwhile those of his companions who had left Abyssinia when they heard that the people of Mecca had accepted Islam when they prostrated themselves with the apostle, heard when they approached Mecca that the report was false and none came into the town without the promise of protection or secretly. Of those who did come into Mecca and stayed there until he migrated to Medina and were present at Badr with him was Uthman B. Affan... with his wife Ruqayya d. of the apostle and Abu Hudhayfa b. Zutba with his wife Sahla d. of Suhayl, and a number of others, in all thirty-three men (A parallel tradition from M.b. Ka'd al-Qurazi and M.B. Qays is given by Tabari 1195 - 6.). ...


The apostle's companions who had gone to Abyssinia heard that the Meccans had accepted Islamand they set out for the homeland. But when they got near Mecca they learned that the report was false, so that they entered the town under the protection of a citizen or by stealth.


First Migration to Abyssinia - page 146

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"The manuscript agrees with Salama's report from Ibn Ishaq that the emigrants returned from Abyssinia because they heard of the conversion of Quraysh in consequence of the concession to polytheism, but strangely enough it does not quote the offending words. Presumable they were deliberately omitted and readers must have known what they were because otherwise the narrative would be unintelligible. Tow verses are referred to, but the second is not quoted. In view of its interest I give a translation of the manuscript:
"(The emigrants) remained where they were until they heard that the people of Mecca had accepted Islam and prostrated themselves. That was because the chapter of The Star (53) had been sent down to Muhammad and the apostle recited it. Both Muslim and polytheist listened to it silently until he reached his words "Have you seen (or, "considered") al-Lat and al-Uzza?" They gave ear to him attentively while the faithful believed (their prophet). Some apostatized when they heard the "saj" of the Satan and said "By Allah we will serve them (the Gharaniq) so that they may bring us near to Allah". The Satan taught these two verses to every polytheist and their tongues too to them easily. This weighed heavily upon the apostle until Gabriel came to him and complained to him of these two verses and the effect that they had upon the people. Gabriel declined responsibility for them and said "You recited to the people something which I did not bring you from God and you said what you were not told to say". The apostle was deeply grieved and afraid. Then God send down by way of comfort to him: "Never did we send an apostle or a prophet before you but when he wished Satan cast a suggestion into his wish" as far as the words "Knowing, Wise"" (Sura 22:51)."


"On a certain day, the chief men of Mecca, assembled in a group beside the Ka'ba, discussed as was their wont the affairs of the city; when Mahomet appeared and, seating himself by them in a friendly manner, began to recite in their hearing the 53 Sura.... "
"And see ye not Lat and Uzza, and Manat the third besides?"

"When he had reached this verse, the devil suggested an expression of the thoughts which for many a day had possessed his soul; and put into his mouth words of reconciliation and compromise, the revelation of which he had been longing for from God, namely;

"These are the exalted Females, and verily their intercession is to be hoped for"

"The Coreish were surprised and delighted with this acknowledgement of their deities; and as Mahomet wound up the /Sura with the closing words

"Wherefore bow down before Allah, and serve Him"

"the whole assembly prostrated themselves with one accord on the ground and worshipped. Walid alone, the son of Mughira, unable from the infirmities of age to bow down, took a handful of earth and worshipped, pressing it to his forehead."

"And all the people were pleased at that which Mahomet had spoke, and they began to say,
"Now we know that it is the Lord alone that give life and takes it away, that created and supports. These our goddesses make intercession with Him for us; and as thou has conceded unto them a portion, we are content to follow thee". But their words disquieted Mahomet, and he retired to his house. In the evening Gabriel visited him; and the prophet recited the Sura unto him. And Gabriel said, "What is this that thou has done? Thou has repeated before the people words that I never gave unto thee". So Mahomet grieved sore, and feared the Lord greatly; and he said, "I have spoken of Allahthat which He had not said." But the Lord comforted His prophet, and restored his confidence, and cancelled the verse, and revealed the true reading thereof (as it now stands), namely,

"And see ye not Lat and Ozza, and Manat the third beside? What! Shall there be male progeny unto you, and female unto him? That were indeed an unjust partition! They are naught but names, which ye and your Fathers have invented, etc."


All four of the biographies agree on all the primary facts:

1) Muhammad did not want to further offend the Meccans and he did not want Allah to reveal something to him that would cause further offence.

2) Muhammad desired a revelation that would bring peace between him and the Meccans.

3) When Muhammad began to recite the chapter called "The Star", Satan ALLEGEDLY interjected some words and thoughts into Muhammad's heart and mind. This was coupled with Muhammad's own desires; thus Muhammad spoke Satan's words.

4) Later, Gabriel rebuked Muhammad for having spoken Satan's words. Muhammad admitted his sinful error and was then comforted by Allah.

       The accounts are very similar. Each contains minor different details, but all agree totally on the relevant essential points; Muhammad spoke the Satanic verses. The fact that all of the earliest Islamic sources agree on the event is substantial evidence that it occurred.

       Most important of all, Muhammad actually compromised his beliefs in a moment of desperation and wanted very much to appease his Quraysh tribe to bring them within the orbit of his cult.

       Muhammad SINNED and all the excuses that we read and all the explanations are used to hide a very simple fact: Muhammad KAFARA because he associated other gods with Allah.

       When he realised the enormity of what he had done, he REPENTED - to himself- and to rectify his error he first accused the INNOCENT SATAN of having tricked him and then 'REVEALED' the very conveniently DESCENDED ABROGATING verses followed by others in which, Allah only ADMONISHED him and made LIGHT BANTER of his enormous SIN.

       Neither Satan, Gabriel nor Allah were involved; it was all Muhammad at his very best:

       DECEITFUL, WILY, BEGUILING and very much in control of his mostly very SUPRERSTITIOUS, IGNORANT, FEARFULILLITERATE and totally OBEDIENT FLOCK.


There are references to the event found in Bukhari. Although the actual Satanic verses are not recorded by Bukhari, part of the event is related:

6.385 Narrated Ibn Abbas:
The Prophet performed a prostration when he finished reciting Surat an-Najm, and all the Muslims and pagans and Jinns and human beings prostrated along with him.
What is of note here is that the Hadith states that after Muhammad spoke "The Star", the pagans prostrated. This is exactly what the four biographers state. Remember, the pagans were totally opposed to Muhammad. They disliked him; he frequently insulted their faith. Yet here, something Muhammad said, caused them to prostrate with him and the Muslims, in "one accord". Muhammad had said something persuasive to move them to bow in worship. Of course it was the Satanic verses. There is no allusion to anything else in the biographical material. Neither is anything specifically recorded in Sahih Hadith or the Quran that refers to other than the Satanic Verses event.

       ***Note again how this Hadith lines up with the four biographies.***

There are three passages in the Quran that reference the event. These passages are recorded in the biographical material. The first is the actual passage found in chapter 53, called "The Star", (An-Najm), verses 19 through 26 or so. This passage has already been mentioned.

Al Hajj, 22: 52-53 "Never have We sent a single prophet or apostle before you with whose wishes Satan did not tamper. But Allahabrogates the interjections of Satan and confirms His own revelations. Allah is all-knowing and wise. He makes Satan's interjections a temptation for those whose hearts are diseased, whose hearts are hardened ...

The Night Journey, (Al Isra),  17: 73-75 "They sought to entice you from Our revelations - they nearly did -hoping that you might invent some other scripture in Our name, and thus become their trusted friend. Indeed had we not strengthened your faith, you might have made some compromise with them and thus incurred a double punishment in this life and in the next. Then you should have found none to help you against Us."

       ***All of these verses are mentioned in the biographical material. All of them were revealed in relation to Muhammad speaking Satan's words***

Note how Tabari records Muhammad's admittance of sin and repentance after Gabriel confronted him with his error. Afterwards, Allah supposedly comforts Muhammad with the verses from chapters 17 and 22. Ibn Sa'd records the same sequence of verses. After he admitted his sinful error, Muhammad was comforted by Gabriel. Who was this Gabriel?
One of the greatest Islamic scholars who wrote a Tafsir was Zamakhshari. He commented on this event as well. Here is his writings, quoted from "The Quran and its Exegesis" by Helmut Gatje, pages 53 - 55, published by Oneworld, Oxford, England.

The faithful rendering of the revelation Zamakhshari on Sura 22:52/51

We have never sent any messenger of prophet before thee, but that Satan cast into his fancy, when he was fancying; but Allah annuls what Satan casts, thenAllah confirms His signs - surely Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.
.. The occasion of the sending down of the present verse is the following: As the members of the tribe of the messenger of Allah turned away from him and took their stand against him and his relatives also opposed him and refused to be guided by what he brought to them, then, as a result of the extreme exasperation concerning their estrangement and as a result of the eager desire and longing that they be converted to Islam, the messenger of Allah sheltered the wish that nothing would come down to him that could make them shy away. Perhaps he should have been able to use that for the purpose of converting them and causing them to be dissuaded from their error and obstinacy. Now this wish continued in him until the sura called "The Star" (that is, Sura 53) came down. At that time he found himself with this wish in his heart regarding the members of his tribe. Then he began to recite, and when he came to Allah's words "and Manat, the third, the other" (Sura 53:20), Satan substituted something in accordance with the wish which the messenger of Allah had sheltered, that is, he whispered something to him which would enable the messenger to announce his wish. In an inadvertent and misleading manner, his tongue hurried on ahead of him, so that he said: "These (goddesses are the) exalted cranes. Their intercession (with Allah) is to be hoped for."...Yet, the messenger of Allahwas not clear at this point until the protection of Allah "isma" reached him and he then became attentive again.

Some say that Gabriel drew his attention to it, or that Satan himself spoke those words and brought them to the people's hearing. As soon as the messenger of Allahprostrated (for prayer) as the end of the sura, all who were present did it with him and felt pleased (that is, the unbelievers felt pleased that their goddesses had been accepted as intercessors with Allah).

A)  It must be pointed out again that the "Satanic Verses" event is not something made up by non-Muslims. The event is recorded by the earliest Islamic sources available on Muhammad's life. And these men were devout Muslim scholars. They spent their lives studying, analyzing, and writing about Muhammad and Islam. They were real Islamic scholars, unlike today's amateur "Islamic scholars" like Ahmed Deedat and Jamal Baidawi. Also, these sources provide chains of narration - isnad, showing that the event is traceable to the earliest Muslims.

Regarding these early Islamic scholars, William Muir writes in "The Life of Muhammad" that:

"Pious Mussulmans of after days, scandalized at the lapse of their prophet into so flagrant a concession to idolatry, would reject the whole story. But the authorities are too strong to be impugned. It is hardly possible to conceive how the tale, if not founded in truth, could ever have been invented."

B)  One of the terms Muhammad used to describe the pagan goddesses - Manat, Uzza and al-Lat was "gharaniq" translated as "high flying cranes".

In "Muhammad and the Religion of Islam", by John Gilchrist, published by Jesus to the Muslims, page 118, Gilchrist writes:

"The Arabic word "gharaniq" refers to certain cranes which fly at a great height. The pagan Meccans, impressed by the splendor of these birds, therefore described their goddesses by an analogous reference to them. When Muhammad quoted the very words used by the Meccans to exalt their goddesses, they said to one another "Muhammad has spoken of our gods in excellent fashion".
In the area there were cranes that flew at high altitudes. It was quite logical for Muhammad to thus describe the idols as "high flying", metaphorically flying in the heavens close to Allah - to act as intercessors.

C)  Another note of interest, Muhammad claimed that his Quran was above human invention. He challenged anyone, including "jinn" to produce something like the Quran. Well, we see that Satan was able to do so, and with incredible ease. The question to follow should be; What other verses in the Quran are actually those from Satan?

        Gabriel had to confront Muhammad with the fact that those "Satanic Verses" were not Allah's words. And note, all of the Muhammadans, i.e., Muhammad's followers, also prostrated when Muhammad prostrated. They did not realize that a false Quran had been spoken. Obviously, this "Quran" is not that special; even Satan was able to bring forth similar material.

       Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims complain about anyone who investigates and or questions their relogious beliefs BUT are not at all ASHAMED at their unilateral attacks against ALL OTHER BELIEFS everyday of the year in their Quran, in their MOSQUES and in their MEDIA.


       All the time they PRETEND to be the VICTIMS when in reality they are invariably the first to AGGRESS against ALL those who do not BELIEVE AS THEY DO.