Two States: Israel & Palestine:-

The news media & politicians have recently been declaring that the only equitable resolution to the Arab Israeli conflict is a Two States solution.
Is this a new idea?

We have covered a lot of chapters about Muhammad and his Quran and have demonstrated so far, beyond a reasonable or a shadow of a doubt, that there is not a single letter, word, verse/aya or chapter/sura in the Quran that is the product of any compassionate merciful and all knowing divinity.

We have shown that the Quran is entirely the product of Muhammad's imagination, his ALTER EGO, cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouth of Allah, the NAME of the supreme rock god of the pagan Quraiysh embedded in the corner wall of the Ka'ba called the Black Stone.

We have been successful in doing so based entirely on FACTS pulled from the very Arabic Muhammadan records of the Quran, Hadiths and other manuscripts and books of theirs.

We deal with FACTS, all the FACTS and nothing but the FACTS because in the final analysis, they are more lethal and destructive than any and all LIES.

We shall of course continue to chip at all the mendacities that protect the fallacies about Muhammad & his Quran, but we shall from now on also address many of the ramifications that Muhammadan Islam, as the worst intellectual and spiritual fraud that has ever been perpetrated upon the human consciousness in the last 7000 years of recorded history, has bequeathed to the people of the world.

I must yet again remind you ladies and gentlemen, that not less than 99.999% of humanity are totally IGNORANT of the FACTS that we have so far REVEALED and the new facts that we are going to demonstrate in a complimentary series of chapters regarding the political legacies of Muhammadan Islam that have been and continue to plague humanity from Africa to America and from Asia to Europe.

We shall address from now on the subject of Arabian conquests that they proudly call Al FUTUHH. The Arabs and other Muhammadans have been flooding the news media all over the world with insults, admonitions and the alleged horrors of Western Christian Imperialism without ONCE addressing the Imperialism of the Arabs and the hordes of Muhammadan Muslims from Iraq to Uzbekstan, from modern Syria to Armenia and the Balkans, from Israel to Mauritania and from the Sudan to France & Italy.

We shall explore with you the FACTS and not the PROPAGANDA; the REALITIES and not the MYTHS of these subjects based entirely on the records that are available for all to check and double check.

Whilst Western Imperialism in the Arab world and North Africa lasted less than 100 years, the Imperialism of the Arabs continues unabated for the last 1400 years.

Whilst Western Imperialism brought to the Arabs and other places in Africa and Asia the foundations of democracy, medicine, electrification, water reclamation, education, archaeology, roads, trains and airports, just to name a few contributions, the Arabs and Muhammadan Islam have only brought misery, backwardness, ignorance, tyranny, terror, subjugation, humiliation & illiteracy to their hundreds of millions of conquered peoples for the last 700 years.

While the Western Imperialists have been atoning for their alleged misdeeds, the Arabs with an obscene degree of hypocrisy, actually continue to GLORIFY in every mosque sermon, in their books, their TV and all their media, the slaughter of millions and the conquests of Muhammadan Islam on three continents: Asia, Africa & Europe, covering an area of about TEN MILLION square miles and the subjugation, occupation, humiliation & historical eradication of at least TEN civilizations and major cultures.

While Western Imperialists have apologized to their previously subject peoples, the Arabs have NEVER done the same to anybody BUT in fact they do the opposite by gloating and reveling at them.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we have demonstrated in many of our chapters, the OBVIOUS invariable escapes the attention of the UNWARY.

The people who inhabited North Africa were NOT Arabs, but Hamitic Africans. They were conquered by the Semitic Arabs and became Arabised after their conquest in the 7th & 8th centuries.
Most of them were made to loose their identity, their culture, their traditions and their religion by the extremism and terror of Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam.

Neither modern Iraq, Syria, Jordan or Israel were Arab until and in the aftermath of their subjugation by the Muhammadan Arabs in the 7th century.

We have shown that Muhammadan Islam is a THEOCRATIC belief system that has NO SECULAR component. That Fundamentalist Muhanmmadan Islam believes literally in every word in the Quran as having been revealed by Allah, allegedly God.

Please read carefully to the following Quranic verses that address the issue of the Israelites and their Promised Land.

Al Isra 17: 104        "And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)":

Al A'araf 7:  137 "And We made a people (Israelites) considered weak (and of no account) inheritors of (promised) lands in both east and west lands (of Jordan river) whereon We sent down our blessings.  4 The fair promise of the Lord was fulfilled for the children of Israel because they had patience and constancy and We levelled to the ground the great works and fine buildings which Pharaoh and his people erected (with such pride).

Al Imran 3: 194 "Our Lord! grant us what Thou didst promise unto us through thine Apostles and save us from shame on the Day of Judgment: for thou never breakest Thy promise."

Al Rum 30: 6        "(It is) the promise of Allah.  Never does Allah depart from His promise"

The verses recited earlier are from the very Quran that the followers of Muhammad assert is the words of Allah. If so, on what grounds, either theological or historical do they claim the WHOLE of the land of Israel ONLY to the Arabs and nothing for the Jews?

Does this mean, that the all knowing Allah broke his promise?
No where in the Quran after all, is there a verse that abrogates or overturns the verses above and hence on Muhammadan Muslim theological foundations alone, the land of Israel belongs to the Jews.

Sometimes people make the most fundamental errors. When large numbers of people make mistakes -- even monumental ones -- it is almost impossible to challenge the resultant prevailing view.

For example, it was once the conventional wisdom that the earth is flat. In earlier times if anyone dared to claim that the earth was round, they would have been burnt on the stake. When, in the 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus dared suggest that the sun was the center of the solar system and not the earth, he was regarded as a heretic.

In today's language, any attempt to explain the Arab-Israeli conflict in terms other than "Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land" and or the "denial of Palestinian nationalist aspiration" is often regarded like a declaration that the earth is flat and is the center of the universe.

But, what if this view is wrong?
What if, in terms of understanding the Arab-Israeli conflict, we are living in pre-Copernican times?
What if the Jewish State that is considered the root of all evil in the Middle East were instead actually the victim?

In our chapter "Palestine & Palestinians" we asked several relevant questions to ascertain whether or not such an entity called Palestine and a people called Palestinians actually existed in history.

No where in the whole of the Quran, the Ahadith or all of Arab history is the Land of Palestine or the Palestinian People are mentioned, alluded to or remarked upon.

No one has so far answered our questions with any PROOF that they had actually existed. The so called Palestinians have absolutely no idea where their very name is derived from. They, as usual with the ignorance of Muhammad and his followers, contort and mix up historical places and characters by identifying the Canaanites with the Philistines.

What if Zionism is not colonialism but rather an ancient people's deep connection to their native, historical and covenantal land?
What if the real colonialism was and is in reality Arab Imperialism and expansionism, which contests a Jewish state on even 1/500th of the area of lands conquered by the Arabs?

Nearly 4,000 years ago the forefathers of the Jewish People, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in the land of Israel, which God had promised to them and to their descendants forever. That promise was confirmed at Mount Sinai, and was delivered upon by God through Joshua, after the death of Moses, more than 3,300 years ago when the Israelites entered the land after being liberated from Egyptian slavery and oppression.
About 3,000 years ago King David established Jerusalem as the capital city of the Promised Land.

No where in the whole of the Biblical records is there mention of the Land of Palestine nor of the Palestinian People. Neither are they mentioned in the Arabic language any where throughout the history of the Arabs until 40 years ago.

The Jews lived in JUDEA, in the Land of Israel for 850 years until their subjugation and the enslavement and the deportation of many of them by the invading Babylonians in 586 BC. They returned in large numbers 70 years afterwards after their liberation by the Persians, and remained continuously in Judea for the next 700 years until the eviction of many of them by the Roman Empire in 135AD.

Despite unremitting anti-Semitism and persecution, some Jewish communities managed against great odds to remain in the Promised Land during the long interval between the Roman dispersion and the events leading to the re-establishment of the Jewish State in 1948.

What if the dispute has never been about Palestinian statehood but really about the destruction of the Jews and the only Jewish State on earth?

In 1917, the Balfour Declaration, confirmed later by international law through the League of Nations, declared the British Mandate of Palestine to be a National homeland for the Jewish people, recognizing 4,000 years of Jewish connection to the land, and the injustice of the destruction of ancient Israel by the Romans and the forced removal of the Jewish people.

In 1922 the British, in contravention of their mandate, took 76% of the land designated for a Jewish state in Palestine and allocated it instead to the Arabs, creating east of the Jordan River a new country then called Transjordan, and later, to be known as Jordan, which to this day has a Palestinian majority.

In 1947 the United Nations voted to establish TWO STATES - one Arab and one Jewish - west of the Jordan river on the remaining 24% of the original portion of land allocated for a Jewish State by the international community.

In spite of this enormous reduction of their original portion, the Jews accepted the offer, but even this, was rejected by the Arabs. The Arabs  want it ALL. This was the beginning of a long history of Arab rejectionism.

Ladies & gentlemen, 60 years ago, there was on the table a TWO STATE solution. This is NOT a new idea as we are DECEIVED into believing by the extremely well oiled and financed Arab propaganda machine and the imbecile, ignorant or downright stupid and criminally negligent Western news media.

So what are the FACTS?

In 1948 the newly reborn State of Israel was invaded by FIVE Arab armies from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and the Arab Legion of Jordan, all of whom made it crystal clear that they intended to destroy the tiny Jewish state at its rebirth and to massacre its citizens, hundreds of thousands of whom were Holocaust survivors.

The Jews who were literally fighting for their very survival, were able to defeat all the Arab armies who were forced to sue for a ceasefire.

The cessation of hostilities was supposed to be a prelude for further negotiations between Israel and her Arab neighbours for a permanent peace. The Arab demands were, as was and continues to be the norm,  one sided and tantamount to asking Israel to SELF DESTRUCT.

I have to point out a few simple but important details that invariably AND VERY CONVENIENTLY escape the intellect and morality of the Arabs:

1        Before the war against the Jews and the establishment of the State of Israel, there were NO ARAB REFUGEES

2         According to the records kept by the British about the demography of Mandated Palestine, more and more Arabs from the surrounding countries settled in Palestine because of the prosperity that the Jews were bringing to the land.

3        The Palestinian Arab refugees were the PRODUCT of a war of AGGRESSION by the surrounding Arab states as well as by the Palestinian Arabs against the UN resolution creating a TWO states solution to the Arab- Jewish dispute.

4        While the Palestinian Arab refugees of allegedly 700,000 were the end result of Arab aggression, the Jewish refugees from Arab & Muhammadan lands numbering about 900,000 were the product of anti Semitic Nazi style rules and regulations perpetrated against these ancient communities that were OCCUPIED by the conquering Arab armies almost 1300-1400 years earlier.

5        During the same period of 1947/48, the British also left India and the division of the sub continent into a secular Indian state and a Muslim Pakistan. In the ensuing civil disorders, hundreds of thousands were massacred and about 20 millions became refugees.

6        There are no UN resolutions demanding any compensation or the 'right of return' to any of the Jewish or Hindi refugees, but only for the Palestinians.

7        There are no UN financial arrangements to help or compensate these particular refugees except only for the Palestinians.

8        For the last 65 years we ONLY hear about the plight of the Palestinian refugees but NEVER about the Jewish or Hindi ones.

9        While the Jewish and Hindi refugees were absorbed by their respective nationals, the Palestinians were and are still used as tools for keeping the Arab leaders in power under the pretext that they are fighting for their cause.

10        While the Palestinian refugees have been helped financially by the Western governments and by some of the Arab states with BILLIONS of aid dollars, NOT a penny was raised for the Jewish or Hindi refugees.

11       The Palestinian refugees escaped to the neighbouring Arab states only a few mile in any direction, speaking the same language, having the same beliefs and traditions while the Jewish refugees had to travel in many cases hundred and thousands of miles speaking 70 languages and dialects with incredibly different traditions.

12        While the Jewish refugees suffered as much if not more than  the Palestinian ones for the first decades of their exile in their refugee tents, as we speak today, they became assimilated and productive members of their country.

13        Unfortunately, as we see on TV and read in the news media, the Palestinian refugees did not assimilate and or integrate among their brothers and sister Arabs but remained a sore on the body of the host countries.
14        While the Jews of Israel from 70 different countries around the world created a thriving and vibrant free all inclusive democracy, we see the Palestinian people at war with each other as well as with their host Arab people.

15        If it were true that the Jews were using ETHNIC CLEANSING against the Palestinian Arabs, then how can any human being explain the FACT that there are 1.5 million Palestinian Arabs as citizens of the State of Israel of 5.5 million Jews while one cannot count more than 10,000 Jews among 330 million Arabs in 22 states?
So who actually achieved the Ethnic Cleansing?

16        As we have amply demonstrated about Muhammad, that he ALWAYS accused his VICTIMS of the very acts that he perpetrated against them. This is the methodology of PROJECTIVE IDENTIFICATION. Muhammad's followers have been inordinately successful in their propaganda by using this methodology so effectively that most of the Western news media fall head over heels for their LIES & MENDACITIES.

17        Once more I would like to point out to you, that a Two States solution has been on the tables for the last 65 years but was ALWAYS rejected by the very Arabs who are deceptively claiming that this is all they are aiming for.

65 years have been wasted to be told today that all that the Arabs want is a Two States solution. The level of hypocrisy and mendacity displayed by the Arabs and the media is so obscene, it beggars belief and morality.

Israel survived the war of Arab aggression against its establishment and from 1948 to 1967, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were in Arab hands and there was no Jewish "occupation" of these territories then.

For 19 years, there were no Israelis in Gaza or the West Bank. For 19 years there were no settlements or occupation by Jews in Gaza or the West Bank.

For 19 years, neither the UN nor any government in the world objected to the occupation by Transjordan & Egypt of what were actually lands designated for the Two States Palestinian part by the UN.

For 19 years not a single European or Arab government or any of their news media ever cried out loud and with a sustained voice about these blatant occupations.

For 19 years no one in Western academia, Western Labour Unions  or any Western Teachers Unions were any attempts made to boycott the academics and unions of Egypt or Jordan.

For 19 years the whole world and the UN were deafeningly silent about the issues of Palestinian occupied lands or even the expression Palestinian People.

If the cause for the current Arab-Israeli conflict is the "occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza after the 1967 Six Days War, then why did the conflict and aggression against Israel rage throughout these earlier nineteen years from 1948 to 1967 unabated, with continued Arab refusal to recognize Israel and to make peace with its Jewish neighbour?

Why was it that on 15th May 1967, just before the Six Days War, and before the West Bank and Gaza fell into Jewish hands, that the Arab leaders at the behest of Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt, mobilized their armed forces and called once again, for the destruction of the State of Israel and the slaughter of its people in extremely clear Arabic language?

What "occupation" was then at issue?
Why did the Syrian leader at that time order his soldiers to attack Jewish civilian targets to "pave the Arab roads with the skulls of Jews"?

For the 19 years that Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt the Gaza Strip, the Arab world had the opportunity for establishing the Palestinian state in those territories, and chose not to.
Where were the leaders of the so called Palestinian People for those 19 years?

Why were these leaders deafeningly silent about the RIGHTS of the Palestinian People?
In fact, where were the Palestinian People?

Why did they not have an INTIFATHA against their Arab brother's occupation?

If the conflict is about Palestinian statehood, then why was there no talk whatsoever of a Palestinian state for all those 19 years during which period these territories were free from Jewish occupation?

After the Six Days War, Israel tried immediately to enter into negotiations with the Arab world about the political future of the West Bank, Gaza and all other outstanding issues.

The usual intransigent response came from the Khartoum Conference of all the Arab States on September 1, 1967 in the form of the infamous 3 No's -     "No Peace, No Negotiation, No Recognition."

Again and again and again, it was ALWAYS the ARABS who rejected any and all compromises with the state of Israel short of its DESTRUCTION and ELIMINATION.

Let us now look at the UNANIMOUSLY adopted UN Security Council Resolution 242 that was declared on 22nd November 1967 establishing the principles that were to guide the negotiations for a final and lasting Arab- Israeli peace settlement.

This resolution was a tortuously negotiated compromise between competing proposals. Every letter, word and sentence in the resolution were fought over by all the parties concerned because of the immense implications contained in their meaning, until the final version was declared because it contained several GENERAL all encompassing terms  instead of the SPECIFIC ones that the contending parties would not have accepted.

As usual with our chapters, we do our best to use LOGIC as well as FACTS to come to our statements and conclusions. All the quotes that I shall make can be substantiated by all of you on the internet from the UN archives.

The first and most contentious point addressed by the resolution is the "Inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war". The Arabs and their supporters very conveniently and for obvious reasons read 242 as though it ENDS here and hence, as far as they are concerned, the demand that Israel should withdraw from ALL territories is PROVEN.

Well ladies & gentlemen, NOTHING could be further from the truth. On the CONTRARY, this clause does no such thing, because the reference clearly applies ONLY to an OFFENSIVE or AGGRESSIVE war and NOT to wars of SELF DEFENSE.

If this were not the case, the resolution would then actually provide an INSENTIVE for aggression because if one country attacks another, and the DEFENDER repels the attack and acquires territory in the process, then the FORMER interpretation would require the VICTIM, that is the DEFENDER, to return the land it took, back to the AGGRESSOR! Thus aggressors would have little to lose since there would be no PENALTY to pay for their aggression as they would thus be insured against the main consequences of DEFEAT.

Moreover, the resolution calls for the "Withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict" and this is linked to the second unambiguous clause calling for " the TERMINATION of all claims or states of belligerency" and the recognition that " every State in the area has the right to live in PEACE within SECURE and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force"

The resolution does not make Israeli withdrawal a PREREQUISITE for Arab action. On the contrary, they are linked to work together to achieve a peace settlement. Nor does the resolution specify how much territory Israel is required to give up since the Security Council language DELIBERATELY omitted the use of the term "All the " territories occupied during the Six Days war.

US ambassador to the UN at the time of formatting resolution 242 was  Arthur Goldberg who explained: " The notable omissions - which were not accidental - in regard to withdrawal are the words "THE" or "ALL"  and the June 5th 1967 lines… the resolution speaks of withdrawal from occupied territories without defining the extent of withdrawal"

Furthermore and even more important, is the fact that for Israel to withdraw, there had to be a Peace Settlement in the first place since the ultimate goal of Resolution 242 as expressed in Paragraph 3, is the achievement of a "Peaceful and accepted settlement".

The Arabs demanded that Israel should abide by the UN resolutions while their Khartoum declarations of "No Peace, No Negotiation, No Recognition" are still in operation.

Once again I would like to point out to you some obvious points that most people miss while reading the hundreds of pages regarding the issues above:

1        In the whole of Resolution 242 there is no mention of an entity called Palestine
2        There is also no mention of a Palestinian People
3        There is no mention of Palestinian refugees
4        There is no mention of Arab refugees
5        No where does it require that Palestinians be given political rights or territory.
6        In fact, the resolution used the GENERIC term "REFUGEES" as a deliberate acknowledgement that TWO refugee problems were the product of Arab aggression against Israel from 1948 onwards, one Arab and the other Jewish.

After the 1973 war, when Egypt's Anwar al Sadat  made peace with Israel, Israel withdrew from every occupied inch of the Sinai thus at a stroke, Israel withdrew from 91% of all territories under the 242 resolution. As usual with Arabs and Muhammadan Islam, for making peace with Israel, al Sadat was assassinated.

And again once more, when in 2000 at Camp David, Yasser Arafat rejected without making a counter-offer at all, Israel's proposal of 95% of the West Bank and Gaza as well as land compensation for the remaining 5%, his intransigence was wholly consistent with Arab rejection of any Jewish presence at all in the Middle East.

If the Arab-Israeli conflict is about a Palestinian state then there has always been an obvious solution of two states living in peace side by side. The conflict is in reality more fundamental and therefore, all the more intractable, and is actually about Arab rejection of the very presence and existence of a Jewish State, and probably any Jews at all, in the heart of a Muhammadan Muslim Middle East.

By the way, this rejection by the Muhammadan Arabs also includes the inadmissibility of having a Christian majority state such as in Lebanon or even in the final analysis ANY Christians in a totally MUSLIM Middle East.

Furthermore, the charter of Hamas calls for the murder of all Jews world-wide. And rockets from Gaza continue to target Israeli civilians even after Israel's evacuation. Threats of genocide and a second holocaust, together with the denial of the first, emanate from Iran. And the Arab world is awash with the most rabid and pernicious anti-Semitism.

The war directed against the State of Israel, is really part and parcel of the global war waged by Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islamic tyranny against freedom and democracy. Israel is being made the first scapegoat because of its small size and vulnerability.

Hence all of those who believe, with the best of intentions, that they are defending a vulnerable victim, that is the Palestinians, are actually being complicit in one of the worst injustices in the history of human civilization. They will have sided with the forces of death and destruction, of fear and prejudice.

What if the world is siding against the only beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, thereby endangering us all, because the fate of Jews is often a sign portending the future?

Hitler came after the Jews first, and then he attacked the world.

Hijackings were attempted against Israeli airlines and then to all and any airlines in the world.

Suicide bombings began in Jerusalem and then migrated to New York, Bali, Madrid, London and Nairobi.

The Jews and Israel are only the Litmus Paper used by Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam as pre cursor to world domination and subjugation.

After Israel and the Jews come the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists and all other UNBELIEVERS.

As we speak today, the Christians in the Muhammadan lands from Pakistan to Iran, from Chechenya to Kossovo, from Iraq to Lebanon, from Egypt to Sudan, from the Philippines to Indonesia are being murdered, exiled, kidnapped, tortured, dispossessed, humiliated and or eradicated with NOT a whimper of objections in the UN, the Western Media or the Christian clergy.

Their silence is DEAFENING.