Ummat al Kuffar's Manifesto :-

In every democracy and constitutional republic on earth into which Muhammadan Muslims have immigrated, legally or illegally, and then insulated themselves, they are attempting to introduce laws prohibiting the investigation of or discussion about Muhammadan Islam. This is with the full support, and in some instances, the connivance of the liberal left among our politicians, clergy, media and academia.

Muhammadan Muslims know that more and more knowledgeable people, like Ibn Waraq, Robert Spencer, Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shobat, Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- and many more -- are lecturing, talking on television and radio, revealing the facts about Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna, and Sharia, pointing out very clearly that Muhammadan Islam are hatemongering, misogynist, racist, warmongering, vile, and hence ungodly.

All of those mentioned above, and even I, are not targeting the followers of Muhammad with our message. Why? Because it would be a total waste of time attempting to use logic on indoctrinated and brainwashed minds such as theirs.

Most of us are doing our utmost to educate and enlighten 80% of current humanity who are not followers of Muhammad whom I call Ummat al Kuffar, Nation of Infidels, the would be victims of Muhammadan Islam.
Ummat al Kuffar, represents five billion five hundred million human beings who have little or no knowledge or understanding of the facts regarding the beliefs and behaviors of Muhammad's followers.

Ummat al Kuffar comprises all human beings who are not Muhammadan Muslims.

Ummat al Kuffar is made up of all Christians, all Buddhists, all Hindus, all Zoroasterians, all Jews, all Animists, all atheists, all agnostics, all secularists, and all other non-Muhamaddan Muslims not mentioned. That's just how pervasive this problem is.

It is imperative that each and every human being that is not a Muhammadan Muslim have indelibly written, branded, into his or her mind the fact that it was Muhammad and his followers who had unilaterally declared total war 1400 years ago against all human beings who did not believe as they did.

Earlier in this manifesto, I mentioned by name several real authorities on the subject of Muhammadan Islam. All that we are attempting to do every time we write or speak is to defend Ummat al Kuffar's beliefs, cultures, civilizations and freedoms from the most oppressive, racist, terroristic and demonic cultic belief system in recorded human history.
Ummat Muhammad, the enemy of all humanity, is the publicly declared aggressor towards Ummat al Kuffar; therefore, it is legitimate morally, spiritually, logically and biologically for those within the ranks of Ummat al Kuffar to protect themselves.

Ummat Muhammad declares publicly that any attack on any Muslim anywhere in the world is an attack on all Muslims everywhere in the world. I love this sense of solidarity.

Hence likewise we Ummat al Kuffar should declare that any attack on any Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Hindu etc by Muslims will be  considered an attack on ALL Christians Buddhists Hindus Jews Agnostics Etc; an attack against 80% of humanity. We Ummat al Kuffar are hence:

                                                                       One for All and All for ONE!

With their usual degrees of hypocrisy and mendacity, the Muhammadan Muslims prohibit all forms of freedoms of belief, thought, expression or tradition in their Sharia compliant states. Then, they complain incessantly of being the victims of hate in our democracies and constitutional republics.

These same Muhammadan Muslims who assault the beliefs of all others, burn their holy scripture, kill their civilians, and torch or blow up each other's holy places in countries around the earth and then claim that they are being discriminated against.

This compounds their hypocrisy and mendacity with an abysmal degree of cowardice.

No matter how painstakingly I have tried in thirty years of research, I have failed to find any redeeming characteristic in Muhammadan Islam.

Every time I thought they had reached the bottom of Muhammadan Muslim acts of terror and butchery, I was proven wrong because of new acts of wanton aggression and destruction against not only Ummat al Kuffar, but against other Islamic sects with the same abandon, even though they are labeled "peaceful" Islam.

Although I have repeatedly stated that the followers of Muhammad are about one billion five hundred million, not once have I pointed out that the real threat to our democracies and constitutional republics is not from the one billion 450 million in 57 Muslim majority states, but mostly from the fifty million followers of Muhammad who reside in our democracies!

The Muslims who come to our lands, which according to Islam are Territories of War or Dar al Harb, do so ostensibly to escape the wretched conditions in their Muslim Sharia controlled countries. Tragically they become strangers amongst us, the enemy within.

Having been welcomed among us with financial, medical, social, educational, political assistance, and freedom from oppression, they demonstrate their appreciation with an unbelievable degree of disloyalty, dishonesty, unfathomable ingratitude and a total lack of logic, a point that I have repeatedly made. They invariably do their best to bring upon themselves and their hosts the same oppressive conditions from which they were presumably escaping.

I shall for ever repeat the following fact. The virulent virus of Quran obliterates both the victim's or host's area of the brain that deals with logic. What follows is the eradication of the brain's areas that deal with compassion and mercy, turning those infected into a Zombie-- the Living Dead!

Muhammadan Muslims accuse us, Ummat al Kuffar, of loving life- which we do -- while boasting that they, Ummat Muhammad, love death; yet, when we kill any of them in self defense, they demonstrate with anger and fury.

Why do they do this when they tell us repeatedly that the one killed was actually looking forward to death for the sake of Allah? "Fi Sabil Allah" As I have clearly proven, no believing fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslim can ever be logical or accept facts and reality.

When looking at the more meaningful and sustainable figure of fifty million Muhammadan Muslims outside Dar al Islam - domains of Islam - instead of one billion five hundred million, finding an equitable solution to the Islamic invasion of our democracies and constitutional republics becomes much more solvable, but requires an unshakable and sustainable will and foresight from our leaders and peoples.

The followers of Muhammad or Ummat Muhammad have their agenda of Islamizing the world publicly and repeatedly declared as dictated by Muhammad's Quran and Sunna called Sharia. They do so without caring a jot about insulting, humiliating, threatening and terrorizing us, Ummat al Kuffar.

We too, all Unbelievers of Ummat al Kuffar/ Nation of Infidels the majority 80% of humanity who are not Muslims, who are actually the would be victims of Muhammadan Islam, should also have our guideline and agenda to defend our lives, our freedoms, our dignity and our civilizations by having our own publicly declared Manifesto.
The following should be the foundations ofUmmat al Kuffar's Manifesto:

First and foremost, we Ummat al Kuffar must stop any and all immigration of Muhammadan Muslims coming to us from any country on earth. Since they love Muhammad and Sharia, why do they come to our infidel and unholy shores?

Second, not a single mosque should be allowed to be built or instituted on our lands until the Saudis, Kuwaitis, Omanis, Sudanis, and other such nations allow Churches, Cathedrals and Temples to be built on their soil first.

Third, Hijab and Niqab are not in Muhammad's Quran. They are misogynist man made rules used by the Muslim males to subjugate the females of Islam in body, soul and intellect; therefore, they should be banned publicly anywhere and everywhere.

The secular laws of our democracies and constitutional republics must be followed; otherwise, those who do not like them or will not follow should quietly steal away to their perceived Islamic paradise or would be sent packing.

Fourth, any Imam, Mullah or scholar of Islam who during a Friday sermon or any other time can be proven guilty of incitement against any other human group must be put on trial, and if found guilty, be imprisoned and later returned to his perceived Islamic paradise.

Fifth, no Madrassas (religious Islamic schools) should be allowed to operate in a democracy or constitutional republic since they are used by the fundamentalists to segregate their children from the host peoples while inculcating them to hate the very people among whom they reside.

Sixth, no part of Sharia law should be allowed to take root in our democracies and constitutional republics. If Muhammadan Muslims want Sharia, they should not have immigrated to our lands. Sharia, as I have demonstrated conclusively, is the antithesis of democracy.

Sharia is the nemesis of democracy. To speak of Sharia and democracy as though they were compatible is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Sharia's roots should not be allowed to infect or soil our soil.

Seventh, nothing that offends Muhammadan Muslims such as figures of pigs, crosses, Christmas carols, the peeling of church bells or anything else that are part and parcel of a host people should be prohibited or removed simply because they offend Muhammadan Muslims.

If they are offended, they are more than welcome to return to their countries of origin where they will not be offended.

Eighth, every Imam or Mullah must be a naturalized citizen who speaks the host country's language, knows its constitution and traditions and no others allowed into the country under any circumstance.

Ninth, any Muhammadan Muslim who is known to be a trouble maker, no matter what his or her status may be, should not be allowed entry into our democracies or constitutional republics. They are free to spout their venomous language within their own Muslim paradise.

Tenth, all immigrants must learn the language of the host country, learn its constitution, its traditions and history before given citizenship, without regard to beliefs or backgrounds from which they come.

Immigrants who were previously granted citizenship, but have not learnt the language, should be given three months to do so in an intensive language class, otherwise their citizenship should be revoked because it is obvious they are not willing to assimilate.

Eleventh, any immigrant who becomes a citizen of the state, but later proves to be unworthy or unwilling to abide by the secular rules of law, should have his or her citizenship revoked and sent back to his or her country of origin and any immigrant who parasites itself upon the host nation should be given a reasonable period of time to find employment or suffer the consequence of deportation.

Twelfth, each and every mosque should be monitored by the security forces and/or supervised against incitement. This is most definitely not profiling or discrimination because there is no other belief system that mandates its followers to force into conversion, to subjugate in humiliation and degradation or to exterminate all others who do not believe as they do -- only Muhammadan Islam's Quran.

Thirteenth, and most important, every school and university should teach the facts about Muhammad's Quran as a mandatory subject, taught by teachers who are certified on Muhammad's Quran and Islam, none of these teachers coming from the Muslim community hence slowly eliminating the current prevalent abysmal ignorance of these subjects

As I have repeatedly stated, banning the Quran is utterly stupid and not the solution. On the contrary, revealing the facts about Muhammad and his Quran to the whole world would be most devastating to Islamism and Ummat Muhammad but most rewarding to Ummat al Kuffar.

It is preferable to encourage live debates between Muhammadan Muslims and non-Muslim scholars of Islam. These debates will actually help some Muhammadan Muslims change sides.

All the above guidelines represent the minimum that should be implemented by all democracies and constitutional republics to help the immigrants assimilate into the host society.

Assimilation does not mean losing one's identity. It means to blend in with the people who are giving the immigrants shelter, freedom, medical, financial, and educational help.

Once more, I shall recite the Karl Popper's crystal clear and factual axiom:

"If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant,
if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant,
then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.

We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right NOT to tolerate the intolerant."

In a nutshell, if we tolerate the intolerant Muslims to use our tolerance against us, then they will most assuredly destroy us and our tolerance.

Hence for our tolerant societies to remain tolerant, we must never tolerate Islam's intolerance.