Unbelievers & Islam:-                

        From Sabaean inscriptions found in South Arabia, KFR. In Hebrew Kofer denotes unbelief - or DELIBERATE rejection of the truth/ rejection of the principles of the faith/defectors from the true religion - in the One and Only God.

       The concept and theological meaning of KUFR did not exist either in the religious beliefs of the Pagan Arabians or in their vocabulary. The religious connotations came about from Muhammad and his Quran based entirely on the traditions and religious language of the Jews, HEBREW.
           Abdullah Yusuf Ali's commentary, agree entirely with above meaning: Kufr, Kafara, Kafir, and derivative forms of the word, imply a deliberate rejection of Faith as opposed to a mistaken idea of Allah or faith, which is not consistent with an ernest desire to see the truth. Where there is such desire, the Grace and Mercy of Allah gives guidance.

       This word is used by the Muhammadans to describe all polytheists or any person who is without the faith in Allah; even the Jews and Christians who do not believe that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

       This term is used towards all of Subsaharan Black Africans before many of them were FORCED to convert to 'Islam'. Al  Kafirun are those who reject the truth.

2:06    "As to those who reject Faith [al^llatheena kafaroo], It is the same to them Whether thou warn them Or do not warn them; They will not believe."

       Kafir (plural, Kuffar) is an Arabic word meaning an unbeliever, a person who hides, denies, or covers the truth. In cultural terms, it is a derogatory term used to describe an unbeliever, non-Muslims, a Muslim of a differing sect, or an apostate from Islam. It is usually translated into English as "infidel" or "unbeliever".

       The 'Islamic law' (Sharia) distinguishes tree types of kafirs:

  1.        Kafir dhimmi:        Debate exists between some Muslim scholars as to whether the term applies to Jews and Christians, as these can also be regarded as An-lus Kittab, People of the Book or Dhimmi ("protected people").

   2.          Kafir harbi:        "Kafir" has been used historically to identify Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, and followers of non-denominational religions or local, pagan traditions. (In theory, it could also be used to refer to Shintoists.)

  3.         Kafir musta'min: Some distinguish between Kafir and non-Muslims, as Kafir is used by the Qur'an for people who were guilty of rejection or non-acceptance of what it says is the truth, even after it has become fully apparent to them, while non-Muslim is primarily a term implying a person who does not ascribe to the Islamic faith.

       *** All these SPLITTING of HAIRS by Muhammadan 'scholars' regarding who are or are not KUFFAR are totally IGNORANT, DISCRIMINATORY, HATEMONGERING, WARMONGERING and STUPID definitions when subjected to their analysis based upon the Arabic of the Quran.

       Let us investigate the case of the Jews to start with:

       For the 2100 years that Muhammad and the Pagan Arabs wallowed in what Muhammad considered to be - the abyss of IGNORANCE and POLYTHEISM - the Israelites and the Jews were carrying, AGAINST ALL ODDS, the light of MONOTHEISM.

       It was because of his contacts with the 'Jews' of Arabia that Muhammad was
'INSPIRED' to take on the mission of turning the Pagan Arabs to the belief in ALLAH alone without any other associates.

       The Quran after all, in verse after verse, tells the followers of Muhammad to ask the People of the Book as witnesses to its own VERACITY.

       Moreover, the Quran asserts in Surat al Baqara 2: 126 - 133 that all the following Hebrews and Israelites were MUSLIMS:

       Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes [Asbat] were MUSLIMS.

       In further verses, the following too are called Muslims:

       Moses, Aaron, Jesus, Mary & the Apostles were also MUSLIMS.

       Since ALL of the above existed CENTURIES BEFORE Muhammad and his Quran, then it is very obvious that a MUSLIM is anyone who believes in the
One and Only God.

       For Muhammad and his followers to INSULT, DEFAME and DEGRADE the  Monotheism of the Jews, shows an

                       OBSCENE degree of HYPOCRICY and a