Western Imperialism:-   

       This is the ultimate catch phrase that the Arabs & Muhammadans use to explain away their demise as a world power. Everything that is wrong with either of them is unfairly and unashamedly blamed on Western Imperialism.

       They very conveniently ignore the facts that it was Western Imperialism which did the following for them:

1        Saved the Arabs from 500 years of Turkish oppression, ignorance, destitution and disease.

2        Brought them the concept of democracy and liberalism.

3        Dug up - literally - their history and rediscovered for them their cultural heritage through archaeology.

4        Re-discovered for them their earlier literary and scientific contributions.

5        Re-invigorated their sense of identity and self respect.

6        Brought them screaming and kicking into the 19th & 20th centuries.

7        Introduced them to amenities of hygiene, transportation, telephones and communications, irrigation, electricity, education & schools, hospitals & medicine, engineering, trains and roads etc etc.

8        Created from nothing their new political states.

       Unfortunately neither the Arabs nor the Muhammadans in general, have been willing to face reality and admit their faults hence be able to rectify them.

       On the contrary, they live in the mind set of
                        'BLAME ALL OTHERS SYNDROME'

for their own faults and their own inadequicies.

        It is a fact that no individual or people can rectify their faults unless and until they face up to REALITY by first ADMITTING that they have a problem, then identifying the problem and following this, by resolving it.

       While the Western Imperialists 'occupied' them for only a few decades and have been gone a while, the Arabs of today are still - 1450 years later - the largest  and worst PARASITIC occupiers - IMPERIALISTS - of other peoples and lands on Earth, from:

        Iraq & Persia to Pakistan and Uzbekstan and from Syria & Egypt to Mauritania, Mali & Chad, from Sudan to Somalia, to name just a few.