Your Allah & Our Allah:-        

3:64>        Say: "O people of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not from among ourselves Lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back say: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah's will)."

       #402        In the abstract the People of the Book would agree to all three propositions. In practice they fail. Apart from doctrinal lapses from the unity of the One True God, there is the question of a consecrated Priesthood (among the Jews it was hereditary also), as if a mere human being- Cohen, or Pope, or Priest, or Brahman, could claim superiority apart from his learning and the purity of his life, or could stand between man and Allah in some special sense. The same remarks apply to the worship of saints. They may be pure and sincere, but no one can protect us or claim Lordship over us except Allah. For Rabb, see i. 2. n. Abraham was a true Prophet of Allah, but he could not be called a Jew or a Christian as he lived long before the Law of Moses or the Gospel of Jesus was revealed#

       *** The above verse like hundreds of others which permeate the Quran, is not a true rendering of a Biblical event but only an allegory to teach the heathen Arabs a lesson about the complete singularity of God.

        Muhammad's Quran came 2000 years late in accepting and believing in the One and Only God of Israel but none the less, deliberately and with malice, malign the Jews who had kept the faith that they, the Arabs - if they were descended from Ishmael - had betrayed all these centuries.

       It was PRECISELY because of the presence of the 'Jews' in Madina & Mecca, that Muhammad was INSPIRED to create a SCRIPTURE for his pagan Arabs based on the MONOTHEISM of he 'Jews'.

       The interpreter is also very wrong, as usual, as it is the Almighty in the Torah who commands the Israelites to have a priesthood.

       Since the Quran repeatedly asserts, that the earlier Revelations are sacrosanct and divinely revealed, how then at the same time, deny the provisions that the Almighty Himself insisted upon?

       The Quran and the followers of Muhammad want to square the circle and get away with it ignoring the reality that in Shia Islam, for example, the Imam is a conduit to Allah and the Grand Ayatoullah is inspired by Allah.

       It must be pointed out to the reader that the God of Israel
HAS NO NAME and is definitely not called ALLAH.

       After all, Allah was the name of the pagan rock god of the Black Stone meteorite embedded in the wall of the Ka'ba, centuries BEFORE Muhammad and his Quran.

        It is only in the false and uncorroborated, so called 'traditions' of the Arabs, that they forced an association betweeen themselves and Abraham and later between the rock god of the Ka'ba, Allah and the God of Israel.

       If Allah is the same god of both the Arabs and the Jews and he had earlier revealed the Torah to the Israelites, why then are the Quranic stories, names, characters, places and events COMPLETELY at variance with those in the Bible?

       How could the same divine entity give TWO or more conflicting versions of the same events?

       In cases such as this, only ONE version can be the original, and the other false. Since the Torah preceded the Quran by about 2100 years and is the only original written AND oral source of all the Plagiarised, Plundered, Pirated and or Perverted stories of the Quran, then it is without a shadow of a doubt, that the Quranic version of events is utterly FALSE.

       All the anomalies, contradictions and unsubstantiated stories of the Quran can be easily explained and clearly understood with only one logical and unassailable conclusion:

        The realisation that Allah is definnitely  NOT GOD but the name of the rock god of pagan Arabia that Muhammad very conveniently and without any other alternative, METAMORPHOSED into the God of Israel ***