Al Nasr (The Help) (110) - 3 M

1>        When comes the Help of Allah and Victory

2>        And thou dost see the People enter Allah's Religion in crowds

       #6292        The Prophet migrated from Makkah to Madinah, a persecuted man. In Madinah all the forces of truth and righteousness rallied round him, and the efforts by the Makkans and their confederates to destroy him and his community recoiled on their own heads. Gradually all the outlying parts of Arabia ranged themselves round his standard, and the bloodless conquest of Makkah was the crown and prize of his patience and constant endeavour. After that, whole tribes and tracts of country gave their adhesion to him collectively, and before his ministry was finished, the soil was prepared for the conquest of the wide world for Islam. What was the lesson to be learnt from this little epitome of the world's history? Not man's self-glory, but humility; and power but service; not an appeal to man's selfishness or self-sufficiency, but a realisation of Allah's Grace and Mercy, and the abundant outpouring of Allah's Praises in word and conduct#        
       *** The historical facts paint a completely opposite picture. After almost  thirteen years of preaching, Muhammad ended up with under 100 followers when he and they emigrated to Madina.

       It was not his powers of theological and ethical persuasion that brought him great numbers of 'believers' but the acts of TERROR and the chance to get on the bandwagon of plunder, enslavement and rape that he was conducting against the pagan, Jewish and Christian tribes.

       This fact is brought out very clearly when after his death thousands of his followers recanted and disobeyed the caliph Abu Bakr ***

3>        Celebrate the Praises of thy Lord and pray for His Forgiveness: for He is Oft-Returning   (in Grace and Mercy).