Al Zukhruf (The Gold Adornments) (43)- 89

1        Ha Mim.

2        By the Book that makes things clear

3        We have made it a Qur'an in Arabic that ye may be able to understand (and learn wisdom).

       *** It is eminently clear through innumerable verses as above, that the Quran was meant specifically for the pagan Arabs and no one else. The idea that it was 'revealed' as a Universal cult belief system became prominent AFTER the Arabian conquests ***

4        And verily it is in the Mother of the Book in Our Presence high (in dignity) full of     wisdom.

       #4606        Cf. iii. 7, n. 347: and xiii. 39, n. 1864. The Mother of the Book, the Foundation of Revelation, the Preserved Tablet (Lauh Mahfuz. 85: 22), is the core or essence of revelation, the original principle or fountain-head of Allah's Eternal and Universal Law. From this fountain-head are derived all streams of knowledge and wisdom, that flow through Time and feed the intelligence of created minds. The Mother of the Book is in Allah's own Presence, and its dignity and wisdom are more than all we can think of.#        

       *** When these verses were 'descended' to Muhammad, the Quran was not yet written; an event that did not occur until long after his death.

       Moreover, the expression 'Mother of the Book' - singular book - does not make grammatical sense since it should have been 'Mother of (all) Books' - plural books . The words are written identically except for the acrostics ***

5        Shall We then take away the Message from you and repel (you) for that ye are a people transgressing beyond bounds?

       *** Once more, this Sura repeats with slight variations, the same sequence of events as in most of the other Suras of the Quran.

       It is the same debilitating and utterly boring mantra of:

There is a people of unbelievers;

Allah sends them a prophet of their own to guide them to the right path of Monotheism;

They mock and may attempt to kill their prophet and persist in unbelief;

Allah destroys them***

6>        But how many were the prophets We sent amongst the peoples of old?

7>        And never came there a prophet to them but they mocked him.

8>        So We destroyed (them) stronger in power than these and (thus) has passed on the Parable of the peoples of old.

       *** The Allah of Muhammad, exalts and revels in the fact that 'He' destroyed 'His' own creatures because they did not believe in 'Him'.

       The same, 'the most Merciful and Compassionate' Allah who, in verse after verse in the Quran, asserts that it is 'He', who PRE-DESTINED these same unfortunate and innocent creatures to commit ERROR and UNBELIEF ***

9>        If thou wert to question them `Who created the heavens and the earth?' They would be sure to reply `They were created by (Him) the Exalted in Power Full of knowledge'

10        (Yea the same that) has made for you the earth (like a carpet) spread out and has made for you roads (and channels) therein in order that ye may find guidance (on the way);

       ***According to the Quran, the Earth is FLAT and, it was Allah, not mankind, who made the roads  for them ***

11        That sends down (from time to time rain from the sky in due measure; and We raise to life therewith a land that is dead; even so will ye be raised (from the dead)                                        

       #4614        In due measure: i.e., according to needs, as measured by local as well as universal considerations. This applies to normal rainfall: floods and droughts are abnormal conditions, and may be called unusual manifestations of His power, fulfilling some special purpose that we may or may not understand. (43.11)4615        The clause 'And We raise...(from the dead)' is parenthetical. Cf. xxxv. 9, n. 3881. Note the transition from the third to the first person, to mark the Resurrection as a special act of Allah as distinguished from the ordinary processes of nature ordained by Allah#                
       *** The concept of humanity being raised from the dead to give full account for its deeds was first conceived of by the Hebrew  exegetes and were later followed  by the Christians. The Quran conveniently copied from both. This concept is not in the Torah ***

12>        That has created pairs in all things and has made for you ships and cattle on which ye ride

13        In order that ye may sit firm and square on their backs and when so seated ye may celebrate the (kind) favor of your Lord and say "Glory to Him Who has subjected these to Our (use) for We could never have accomplished this (by ourselves).

43:14        "And to Our Lord surely Must We turn back!"

15        Yet they attribute to some of His servants a share with Him (in His godhead)! Truly is man a blasphemous ingrate avowed!

16        What! Has He taken Daughters out of what He Himself creates and granted to you sons for choice?

       *** This verse was 'revealed' after Muhammad's SATANIC VERSES debacle. Allah of the pagan Arabs, had, in their traditions, three daughters and no sons.

       Muhammad is trying to explain away his 'temporary' descent into UNBELIEF when he allowed the three daughters of Allah to share his glory with them; this of course is KUFR.

       Hence, instead of accepting blame for his short lived unbelief, he is instead, admonishing his fellow pagan Arabs for allowing in their religious beliefs that Allah, the supreme rock god of the Ka'ba to have only daughters in a society which preferred sons ***

17        When news is brought to one of them of (the birth of) what he sets up as a likeness to (Allah) Most Gracious his face darkens and he is filled with inward grief!

18        Is then one brought up among trinkets and unable to give a clear account in a dispute (to be associated with Allah)?

19        And they make into females angels who themselves serve Allah.  Did they witness their creation? Their evidence will be recorded and they will be called to account!

20        ("Ah!") they say "If it had been the will of (Allah) Most Gracious We should not have worshipped such (deities)!" of that they have no knowledge! They Do nothing but lie!

       *** As usual, the Quran skirted the answer to a very pertinent and logical question:

       If Allah wanted humanity to believe in 'Him', then he would have programmed to do so ***

21        What! have We given them a Book before this to which they are holding fast?

22        Nay! they say: "We found Our fathers following a certain religion and We do guide ourselves by their footsteps."

23        Just in the same way whenever We sent a Warner before thee to any people the wealthy ones among them said: "We found Our fathers following a certain religion and We will certainly follow in their footsteps

       *** The reader must be reminded that, contrary to all Muhammadan explanations, Muhammad was in fact attempting to overthrow the religious and economic priviliges held by the Quraiysh.

       He was rebelling for his own personal reasons against the established authority and yet hehad the gall to complain and condemn them for resisting him ***

24        He said: "What! even if I brought you better guidance than that which ye found your fathers following?" They said: "For us We deny that ye (prophets) are sent (on a mission at all)."

25        So We exacted retribution from them: now see what was the end of those who rejected (Truth)!

26> Behold! Abraham said to his father and his people: "I do indeed clear myself of what ye worship:

       #4630        The plea of ancestral ways is refuted by the example of Abraham, in two ways: (1) he gave up the ancestral cults followed by his father and people, and followed the true Way, even at some sacrifice to himself; and (2) he was an ancestor of the Arabs, and if the Arabs stood on ancestral ways, why should they not follow their good ancestor Abraham, rather than their bad ancestors who fell into evil? See n. 4627 above. The incident in Abraham's story referred to here will be found in xxi. 51-70.#

       *** As can be seen, the Quran is extremely repetitive. The same verses or slight variations thereof, are used in Surah after Surah concentrating on an extremely limited number of subjects copied either verbatim or with modifications from the Hebrew Bible and Scriptures as well as from the traditions of others.

       As was pointed out before, this version of the 'story' of Abraham CANNOT be fornd in the Torah***

27>        "(I worship) only Him Who made me and He will certainly guide me."

28>        And he left it as a Word to endure among those who came after him that they may turn back (to Allah).
29        Yea I have given the good things of this life to these (men) and their fathers until the Truth has come to them and an Apostle making things clear.

30        But when the Truth came to them they said: "This is sorcery and We do reject it."

31        Also they say: "Why is not this Qur'an sent down to some leading man in either of the two (Chief) cities?"

32        Is it they who would portion out the Mercy of thy Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in the life of this world: and We raise some of them above others in ranks so that some may command work from others.  But the Mercy of thy Lord is better than the (wealth) which they amass.

       *** As happens in numerous other verses of the Quran, the above starts with the THIRD person, then goes to the FIRST person and then reverts back to the THIRD person once more ***

33        And were it not that (all) men might become of one (evil) way of life We would provide for everyone that blasphemes against (Allah) Most Gracious silver roofs for their houses and (silver) stair-ways on which to go up.

34        And (silver) doors to their houses and thrones (of silver) on which they could recline

35        And also adornments of gold.  But all this were nothing but conveniences of the
present life: the Hereafter in the sight of thy Lord is for the Righteous.

36        If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of (Allah) Most Gracious We appoint for him an evil one to be an intimate companion to him.

37        Such (evil ones) really hinder them from the Path but they think that they are being guided aright!

       *** At the cost of being repetetive, the reader must be reminded that this verse asserts yet again the illogical, immoral and  blasphemous Quranic doctrine of

38        At length when (such a one) comes to Us he says (to his evil companion): "Would that between me and thee were the distance of East and West!" Ah! Evil is the companion (indeed)!

39        When ye have done wrong it will avail you nothing that day that ye shall be partners in punishment!

40        Canst thou then make the deaf to hear or give direction to the blind or to such as (wander) in manifest error?

41        Even if We take thee away We shall be sure to exact retribution from them.

42        Or We shall show thee that (accomplished) which We have promised them: for verily We shall prevail over them.

43        So hold thou fast to the Revelation sent down to thee: verily thou art on Straight Way.

44        The (Qur'an) is indeed the Message for thee and for thy people; and soon shall ye (all) be brought to account.
45        And question thou Our apostles whom We sent before thee; did We appoint any deities other than (Allah) Most Gracious to be worshipped?

46>        We did send Moses aforetime with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his Chiefs: he said "I am an apostle of the Lord of the Worlds."

43:47>        But when he came to them with Our Signs behold they ridiculed them.

48>        We showed them Sign after Sign each grater then its fellow and We seized them with Punishment in order that they might turn (to Us).

       #4651        Moses showed them nine Clear Signs: see n. 1091 to vii. 133; also xvii. 101. Each one of them in its own setting and circumstances was greater than any of its "Sister" Signs. The object was if possible to reclaim as many Egyptians as possible from their defiance of Allah. (43.48)#

       *** Reading the comments on 7:133 it becomes comprehensible as to why the learned interpreter deliberately misleads the reader and perverts the historical record by insisting upon only NINE plagues instead of the actual Biblical TEN ***

49>        And they said "O thou Sorcerer! invoke thy Lord for us according to His covenant with thee; for We shall truly accept guidance."

50>        But when We removed the Penalty from them behold they broke their word.

51>        And Pharaoh proclaimed among his people saying: "O my people! does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me (witness) these streams flowing underneath my (palace)? What! see ye not then?

       #4653        The waw here in Arabic is the Waw haliya: the abundant streams from the Nile flowing beneath his palace being evidence of his power, prosperity, and sovereignty. The Nile made (and makes) Egypt, and the myth of the god Osiris was a compound of the myths of the Nile and the sun. The Pharaoh, therefore, as commanding the Nile, commanded the gods who personified Egypt. He boasted of water, and he perished in water,-a fitting punishment!#

       *** The Exodus story as scripted in this Surah (verses 46-56) is a mixture from the Bible, Scriptures and the Quran with the interpreter embellishing his comments with his own imagination.

       The assertion that streams flowed under Pharaoh's palace for example, is pure fiction.

        The idea that rivers and streams  flow BENEATH the ground and underneath palaces is an extremely unusual and illogical but constant and regular theme in the Quran ***

52>        "Am I not better than this (Moses) who is a contemptible wretch and can scarcely express himself clearly?
53        "Then why are not gold bracelets bestowed on him or (why) come (not) with him angels accompanying him in procession?"

       #4655        Gold bracelets and gold chains were possibly among the insignia of royalty. In any case they betokened wealth, and the materialists judge a man's worth by his wealth and his following and equipage. So Pharaoh wanted to see Moses, if he had any position in the spiritual kingdom, invested with gold bracelets, and followed by a great train of angels as his Knight-companions! The same kind of proofs were demanded by the materialist Quraish of our holy Prophet. These were puerilities, but such puerilities go down with the crowd. Barring a few Egyptians who believed in Allah and in the Message of Moses, the rest of Pharaoh's entourage followed Pharaoh in his pursuit of revenge, and were drowned in the Red Sea#

       *** In verse after verse, the Quran PROVES itself in great ignorance of the Biblical record and history.

       The concept of 'Angels' in great numbers, helping the prophets became pronounced in post Torah Hebrew writings that Muhammad - as usual - plagiarised from Jewish traditions ***

54        Thus did he make fools of his people and they obeyed him: Truly were they a people rebellious (against Allah).

55        > When at length they provoked Us We exacted retribution from them and We drowned them all

     #4656        Allah is patient, and gives many and many opportunities to the most hardened sinners for repentance. But at length comes a time when His justice is provoked, and the inevitable punishment follows. (43.55) 4657        Cf. vii. 136#

       *** The above interpretation is obviously false since, in all cases of pre-destination, the subjects have no free will and hence are totally INNOCENT of ALL charges brought against them.

       According to most of the verses of the Quran, Allah shows neither mercy & compassion nor any justice towards those whom he turned into 'Unbelievers' ***

56        > And We made them (a people) of the Past and an Example to later ages

57        When (Jesus) the son of Mary is held up as an example behold thy people raise a clamor thereat (in ridicule)!

       #4659        Jesus was a man, and a prophet to the Children of Israel, "though his own received him not." Some of the churches that were founded after him worshipped him as "God" and as "the son of God", as do the Trinitarian churches to the present day. The orthodox churches did so in the time of the holy Prophet. When the doctrine of Unity was renewed, and the false worship of others besides Allah was strictly prohibited, all false gods were condemned, e.g., at xxi. 98. The pagan Arabs looked upon Jesus as being in the same category as their false gods, and could not see why a foreign cult, or a foreign god, as they viewed him, should be considered better than their own gods or idols. There was no substance in this, but mere mockery, and verbal quibbling. Jesus was one of the greater prophets: he was not a god, nor was he responsible for the quibbling subtleties of the Athanasian Creed.#

       *** The Quran and Muhammadan Islam, do not accept or even allow for the concept of the Trinity since this would negate the Oneness of Allah***

58        And they say " Are Our gods best or He?" This they set forth to thee only by way of disputation: yea they are a contentious people.

59>        He was no more than a servant: We granted Our favor to him and We made him an example to the Children of Israel.

       #4660 A reference to the limited mission of the prophet Jesus, whose Gospel to the Jews only survives in uncertain fragmentary forms.#

       *** As usual, the interpreter deliberastely falsifies both history and reality to cover up the blatant Quranic error,   with one sentence.

       The Quran is wrong to mention the Children of Israel in the above context. The message of Jesus was NOT for the Children of Israel, since ten of the Israelite tribes were already lost. His message was actually to the Jews; the Hebrews who lived in the Kingdom of Judea ***

60>        And if it were Our Will We could make angels from amongst you succeeding each other on the earth.

       #4661 If it were said that the birth of Jesus without a father sets him above other prophets, the creation of angels without either father or mother would set them still higher, especially as angels do not eat and drink and are not subject to physical laws. But angels are not higher.#

       *** If, according to the interpreter's logic, Jesus is not greater than the other prophets, although he had a 'miraculous' birth, then why do 'Muslims'  make Muhammad greater than all the other prophets?

       What special attributes, qualifications  and deeds  could have made  Muhammad superior to Adam, Abraham, Moses or Jesus?

       How could Muhammad who received his 'revelations' SECOND HAND from the angel Gabriel be in any manner of logic SUPERIOR to Moses who received his revelations DIRECTLY from God ?

        How could Muhammad in any way shape or form be superior when the records and the Quran show, that Muhammad had not brought a single new 'revelation' to the People of the Book but only to his brethren, the pagan Arabs?

       Moreover, the reader should ponder the following question:

if Angels are spirits who do not eat and drink and have physical characteristics, why then does the Quran's paradise host the Muhammadan 'martyrs' with sex, food and drink? Are these 'martyrs' in the flesh or in the form of spirits? ***

61>        And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour) but follow ye Me: this is a Straight Way.
       #4662        This is understood to refer to the second coming of Jesus in the Last Days before the Resurrection, when he will destroy the false doctrines that pass under his name, and prepare the way for the universal acceptance of Islam, the Gospel of Unity and Peace, the Straight Way of the Qur-an.#

       *** If the Quran was sent to replace all other false or corrupted doctrines, then why should there be a Second Coming, at which time Islam would become universal?

       Why should the Quran accept the purely Christian idea that the
End of Days will come about with the Second Coming?

       Where are the verses of the Quran which show that it is the 'Gospel of Unity'?

       Are they the verses which incite the followers ofd Muhammad to murder, rape, plunder, ambush and enslave all those who do not believe as Muhammad? ***

62>        Let not the Evil One hinder you: for he is to you an enemy avowed.

63>        When Jesus came with Clear Signs he said: "Now have I come to you with Wisdom and in order to make clear to you some of the (points) on which ye dispute: therefore fear Allah and obey me.

       #4663        True wisdom consists in understanding the unity of the Divine purpose and the Unity of the Divine Personality. The man Jesus came to reconcile the jarring sects in Israel, and his true teaching was just the same as that which was expounded in a wider form by Islam. He did not claim to be God: why should not the Christians follow the doctrine of Unity rather than what has become their ancestral and traditional custom?#

       *** The interpreter deliberately falsifies the meaning of the vesre above by injecting his own personal ideas. Jesus was against the corrupt and unjust Jewish established authorities.

        He did not preach the unity of God since it was the foundation and most fundamental precept of the Jews in the first place ***

64>        "For Allah; He is my Lord and your Lord: so worship ye Him: this is a Straight Way."

       #4664        In verses 26-28 an appeal is made to the pagan Arabs, that Islam is their own religion, the religion of Abraham their ancestor; in verses 46-54, an appeal is made to the Jews that Islam is the same religion as was taught by Moses, and that they should not allow their leaders to make fools of them; in verses 57-65 an appeal is made to the Christians that Islam is the same religion as was taught by Jesus, and that they should give up their sectarian attitude and follow the universal religion, which shows the Straight Way.#

       *** For the very first time, does the interpreter make sense and tells the obvious truth, that:

       The religion taught by Moses is Islam and so was the message from Jesus; that is the belief in the One and Only God.

       Furthermore, the Jews did not reject Islam since they were, are and forever will be, Muslimoon. They did not initially even reject the Quran which was meant for the pagan Arabs. They just did not want to be FORCED to change their already established and ancient traditions.

       It was Muhammad and his followers who did not accept to live and let live but insisted, that all others should follow his teaching.

        This arrogance has become the source of all past, present and future conflicts between Muhammadan Islam and ALL  other faiths ***

65>        But sects from among themselves fell into disagreement: then woe to the wrongdoers from the Penalty of a Grievous Day!

66>        Do they only wait for the Hour that it should come on them all of a sudden while they perceive not?

67>        Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except the Righteous.

68>        My devotees! no fear shall be on you that Day nor shall ye grieve

69>        (Being) those who have believed in Our Signs and bowed (their wills to Ours) in Islam.

70>        Enter ye the Garden ye and your wives in (beauty and) rejoicing.

71        To them will be passed round dishes and goblets of gold: there will be there all that the souls could desire all that the eyes could delight in: and ye shall abide therein (for aye).

       *** How is it conceivable that the dead 'souls' are entertained in a PHYSICAL manner?

        This concept is totally alien to the religious beliefs of the Jews and Christians but totally accepted among the pagan cults ***

72>        Such will be the Garden of which ye are made heirs for your (good) deeds (in life).

73>        Ye shall have therein abundance of fruit from which ye shall have satisfaction.

74>        The Sinners will be in the Punishment of Hell to dwell therein (for aye):

75>        Nowise will the (punishment) be lightened for them and in despair will they be there overwhelmed.

76>        Nowise shall We be unjust to them: but it is they who have been unjust themselves.

77        They will cry: "O Malik! would that thy Lord put and end to us!" He will say "Nay but ye shall abide!"

       *** The guardian of Hell is called Malik in memory of the pagan god of the Canaanites, Molech, to whom they sacrificed their children.

       Muhammad copied this from the Torah and injected it in his Quran ***

78        Verily We have brought the truth to you: but most of you have a hatred for Truth.

79        What! have they settled some Plan (among themselves)? But it is We Who settle things.

80>        Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private counsels? Indeed (We do) and Our Messengers are by them to record.

81>        Say: "If (Allah) Most Gracious had a son I would be the first to worship."

82>        Glory to the Lord of the heavens and the earth the Lord of the Throne (of Authority)! (He is free) from the things they attribute (to Him)!

83>        So leave them to babble and play (with vanities) until they meet that Day of theirs which they have been promised

84>        It is He Who is Allah in heaven and Allah on earth; and He is full of Wisdom and Knowledge.

85>        And blessed is He to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and all between them: with Him is the knowledge of the Hour (of Judgment): And to Him shall ye be brought back

86>        And those whom they invoke besides Allah have no power of intercession; only he who bears witness to the Truth and they know (him).

87>        If thou ask them Who Created them they will certainly say Allah: how then are they deluded away (from the Truth)?        
         ***  As mentioned in 29:61 & 39:3, the name Allah was already in use by the pagan Arabs long before Muhammad and his Quran***

88>        (Allah has knowledge) of the (Prophet's) cry "O my Lord! truly these are a people who will not believe!"

89         But turn away from them and say "Peace!" but soon shall they know!