Qaf (50)- 45

1        Qaf.  By the Glorious Qur'an (Thou art Allah's Apostle).

2        But they wonder that there has come to them a Warner from among themselves.  So the Unbelievers say: "This is a wonderful thing!

3        "What! when we die and become dust (shall we live again?).  That is a (sort of) Return far (from our understanding)."

       *** The pagan Arabs had no concept of RESURRECTION. This Muhammad copied from the Jews & Christians ***

4>        We already know how much of them the earth takes away: with Us is a Record guarding (the full account).

5        But they deny the truth when it comes to them: So they are in a confused state.

6>        Do they not look at the sky above them? How We have made it and adorned it and there are no flaws in it?

7>        And the earth--We have spread it out and set thereon mountains standing firm and produced therein every kind of beautiful growth (in pairs)

       *** Muhammad's understanding is that the Earth is spread FLAT and that the mountains are what hold it firm ***

8>        To be observed and commemorated by every devotee turning (to Allah).

9>        And We send down from the sky Rain charged with blessing and We produce therewith Gardens and Grain for harvests;

10        And tall (and stately) palm-trees with shoots of fruit-stalks piled one over another

11>        As sustenance for (Allah's) Servants; and We give (new) life therewith to land that is dead: Thus will be the Resurrection.

12>        Before them was denied (the Hereafter) by the people of Noah the Companions of the Rass the Thamud

13>        The `Ad Pharaoh the Brethren of Lut

14        The companions of the Wood and the people of Tubba; each one (of them) rejected the apostles and My warning was duly fulfilled (in them).

  15>        Were We then weary with the first Creation that they should be in confused doubt about a new Creation?

16>        It was We who created man and We know what dark suggestions his soul makes to him: for We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.

17>        Behold two (guardian angels) appointed to learn (his doings) learn (and note them) one sitting on the right and one on the left.

18        Not a word does he utter but there is a sentinel by him ready (to note it).

19        And the stupor of death will bring truth (before his eyes): "This was the thing which thou wast trying to escape!"

20>        And the Trumpet shall be blown: that will be the Day whereof warning (had been given).

21>        And there will come forth every soul: with each will be an (angel) to drive and an (angel) to bear witness.

22        (It will be said:) "Thou wast heedless of this; now have We removed thy veil and sharp is thy sight this Day!"

23        And his companion will say: "Here is (his record) ready with me!"

24>        (The sentence will be:) "Throw throw into Hell every contumacious Rejector (of Allah)!

25>        "Who forbade what was good transgressed all bounds cast doubts and suspicions;

26>        "Who set up another god besides Allah: throw him into a severe Penalty."

27>        His companion will say: "Our Lord! I did not make him transgress but he was (himself) far astray."

28        He will say: "Dispute not with each other in My Presence: I had already in advance sent you Warning.

29>        "The Word changes not before Me and I do not the least injustice to My Servants.

30>        One Day We will ask Hell "art thou filled to the full?" It will say "are there any more (to come

31>        And the Garden will be brought nigh to the righteous no more a thing distant.

32>        (A voice will say:) "This is what was promised for you for everyone who turned (to Allah) in sincere repentance who kept (his law).

33>        "Who feared (Allah) Most Gracious unseen and brought a heart turned in devotion (to Him):

34>        "Enter ye therein in Peace and Security; this is a Day of Eternal Life!"

35>        There will be for them therein all that they wish and more besides in Our Presence.

36>        But how many generations before them did We destroy (for their Sins) stronger in power than they? Then did they wander through the land: Was there any place of escape (for them)?

37        Verily in this is a Message for any that has a heart and understanding or who gives ear and earnestly witnesses (the truth)

38>        We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in Six Days nor did any sense of weariness touch Us.

       #4975        Allah's creation of the heavens and the earth in long stages or periods of time, as we count time, shows how things evolve in their own good time. We must therefore be patient if Good does not seem to come to its own according to our ideas. Our will should merge itself in Allah's Will, and we should praise Him, realising that He is All-Good, and that all adjustments will be in the Hereafter.#

       *** This verse starts with "We" indicating that it is allegedly Allah who is addressing the listener. The term 'weariness' above means to be tired. Both the Quran and its interpreters presume that the Sabbath, the day of rest was meant to be 'resting from weariness'.

       They, like Muhammad, totally misunderstand the implication as mentioned in the Torah since it would be inconceivable for the People of the Book, who after all, were the ones who mentioned the attributes of the Almighty, could have meant the verse as an indication of weariness or tiredness.

       God rested from CREATING on the 7th day since He had accomplished all His purposes by the 6th.

        'Rest' in this  case means the CESSATION of the process of creation only.

       It is Muhammad and his ignorant followers who are totally wrong.

       The verse above could not have been uttered by the Divine since it was Muhammad who put it there ***

39>        Bear then with patience all that they say and celebrate the praises of thy Lord before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting

40>        And during part of the night (also) celebrate His praises and (so likewise) after the postures of adoration.

41>        And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a place quite near

42>        The day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in (very) truth): that will be the day of Resurrection.

43>        Verily it is We Who give Life and Death; and to Us is the Final Goal--

44        The Day when the Earth will be rent asunder from (men) hurrying out: that will be a gathering together quite easy for Us.

45        We know best what they say; and thou art not one to ever awe them by force.  So admonish with the Qur'an such as fear My Warning!        
       #4985        People may throw all sorts of doubts about the Judgment and the Hereafter. The Prophet's task is not to force them to accept anything. His task is to deliver the Message of the Qur-an, and admonish those who are spiritually fit and ready to receive admonition and to prepare themselves for the new and higher life destined for man. (50.45)#        
       *** It is a historical fact, based both on Arab and Hadith stories, that Muhammad used force, terror, intimidation and threats to 'convert' people to his CULT.

       He DISOBEYED Allah's command not to COERCE people into converting ***